How to Calculate Your Age with Age Calculator

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There is no doubt that everyone is concerned about their age and wants to know how old they are? If you want to figure out how old you are manually, then you are at the right place. There are so many age calculator free tools available online that lets you know exactly how old you are in years, months, weeks, and days. However, you can also calculate our age manually, but moving towards the guidelines, let’s have a look at the background information regarding the calculation of age.

What is Age?

In general, age is said to be the amount of time for which something exists. The age of a person is the time that a person has passed from the moment he was burned. The time before the birth of a person is known as gestational age. In most sections of the world, the baby starts his life at “zero” and becomes one year old on his first anniversary of their birth. However, in most of the countries of the world age is counted in different ways. When it comes to the age calculation, manual calculation might be complex to calculate. Simply, use an online birthday calculator that helps you to find the remaining months, and days in your next birthday.

How to Calculate Age Manually?

Calculating the age of a person via the manual procedure is known as arithmetic process and we have mentioned all of the important steps in the below section. By following the steps of age calculation, you can easily calculate age of a person.

  • The first and the most important thing is to know the birth year of a person.
  • Now, consider the current year
  • Then, subtract the birth year by the current year.
  • After the subtraction of the birth year from the current year, the value that shows up is called your age.

If the procedure of finding your age seems to be difficult, then you can use the age calculator that shows the years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds of your life that you have already lived since you were born.

How To Calculate Age From Date Of Birth Using Excel:

In everyday life, we came across a question: how old are you? And you always wished to know the exact answer. In MS Excel, you can make a formula to calculate your age in different parameters such as months, days, hours, and in minutes as well. Let’s be traditional and learn how to figure out “how old am I” from the date of birth.

Basic Excel Formula for Age in Years:

How do you normally determine the age of a person?  Simply by subtracting the date of birth by the current date of your life. This conventional age formula can also be used to calculate age in Excel. Let’s assume that the birth date of a person is in the cell B2 and the formula to calculate age looks like this:

 Age = present day date – date of birth “B2” / 365

The first part of the formula present day date – date of birth “B2” gives you the difference between the present date & birth date and by dividing it by 365 you will get the number of your age. The formula is easy to remember, but there are times when it gives you a decimal number. So, for the display of the number of complete years you need to round down to the nearest integer.

Calculating age with different online Birthday Calculators:

Now, calculating your age becomes easier with the use of an online calculator that lets you know how many days are left until your next birthday.

Age Calculator by

This online calculator for calculating is a web-based calculator that displays the age of a person in years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. It also shows how many days and months are left in your next birthday. The best thing about this calculator is that it not only shows your exact age but it also shows some interesting facts about the people of a targeted month. You can use it free of cost so, don’t worry about the charges to use the tool.

Birthday calculator:

An online calculator that computes how long you have been alive. The calculator determines the remaining months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds. It also displays the day you were born. All you have to do is to enter the values in the mentioned area of the tool and then the tool will provide you the information regarding your age by using your birth date and current year’s birthday date. 

The age & birthday calculator by the

The online age calculator works great for calculating age in years, months, weeks, & days and also let’s you know what day you were born. Just enter the date of birth, time, and age at date and by clicking the calculate button you will get your age. It will show you the result within a few seconds and without paying any subscription fee to use the online tool.

Ng-Labs Calculator for Age:

You can use the Age calculator Pro to calculate your age if you age is related to a leap year or you can not calculate the number of days manually. This one is an android application that takes into account all the nuances, which are associated with the dates & numbers for the accurate calculation for age. By using this android calculator, you will know the days a child lives in the world, the difference between the two important events.


The main topic of the discussion for this article is “how to calculate your age by using the age calculator”. We have mentioned the manual procedure for the age calculation along with the calculation in Excel. We also mention the formula to calculate age for the Excel. Hopefully, you can easily calculate your age after reading this post. Some best online birthday calculators are also a part of this guidepost and feel free to use the mentioned tools for the age calculation because they’re free.