List Of Flowers That Are Pet Friendly

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Pets are family members, so the last thing we want is for them to become ill as a result of hazardous flowers or plants. You don’t have to avoid all flower arrangements and plants totally, but you should be aware so that you may move them out of the way of a curious dog or cat. Knowing what flowers are hazardous to dogs and cats, as well as pet-friendly flowers and plants for your home, is essential whether you’re sending or getting flowers as a gift. Send a flower bouquet online to someone you love and has a pet at their home. Colourful blooms around your tail-wagging pals may appear to be lovely and harmless, but some can be severely deadly if consumed. 

We’ve compiled a list of pet-friendly flowers, so you can give them to anyone you care about without worrying about their pet animals. 


If bringing a burst of sunshine into your pet-friendly house is on your to-do list, look no further than your favourite sunflower. These emblems of joy, happiness, and peace are safe for our four-legged companions, though we don’t want them to eat too many of them, or any blossoms, because they might get an upset stomach. Sunflowers, like gerbera daisies, are an excellent alternative to poisonous chrysanthemums and ordinary daisies.

Gerbera daisies

These bright flowers are a popular choice for energizing bouquets. They come in various vibrant and pastel colours, and they look fantastic in single-flower arrangements or mixed bouquets.


These flowers are thought to represent deception, but there’s nothing sinister about them regarding your pets’ safety. While these blooms should still be kept out of the way of cats and dogs, they are less dangerous than other flowers.


Astros are a popular pet-friendly bloom seen in many pet-friendly parks and gardens; however, they are frequently misidentified as lilies. They’re a terrific alternative to lilies and available in various colours, making them ideal for families with four-legged members to keep or grow. 


Marigolds, often known as the sun’s herb, represent creativity and passion and are non-toxic to dogs and cats. They come in various colours, including orange, gold, and yellow, and their insect repellent properties keep mosquitoes and other bugs away. In several Indian cultures, they are also utilized as an offering.


These delicate flowers, which are similar to roses, are thought to represent gratitude and admiration. That’ll take care of your following thank you gift for a friend, and dogs and cats will be safer around them.


Our iconic and adored roses round out our assortment of pet-friendly flowers. Roses come in various colours and varietals, making them a year-round alternative for gorgeous pet-friendly flower arrangements and bouquets. While cats and dogs are usually unaffected by eating rose petals, it is critical to verify that all thorns from the stem have been removed. Their elegance and love symbolism will always be a crowd-pleaser that is suitable for any occasion. Send roses online to someone who you love unconditionally.

African Violets 

Purple, yellow, white, pink, and blue is leaf colours and forms found on the African Violet. This plant can bloom all year if it is correctly cared for. You can plant African Violets on your front porch or rear patio because they are pet-friendly.


These flowers come in various kinds and hybrids that are generally non-toxic for pets and are beautiful and sometimes challenging to nurture. Orchids are bought as potted plants, and fertilizer is necessary to maintain them healthy.


Super-fragrant petunias bloom quickly in containers and ground beds and will keep your yard feeling wonderful. These blossoms have it all: beauty, vitality, and a great aroma, and it’s fine if your dog eats one. Petunia blooms are not suitable for human consumption because they belong to the nightshade family.


Zinnias were one of the first flowers to be cultivated in space as if they needed another cause to be labelled as a “quirky” bloom aside from their appearance. These bright-coloured blossoms will continue to open and blossom for days after being cut and put in a vase, providing tropical-like, mood-boosting beauty. Zinnias are not only pet-friendly flowers, but they also attract a lot of butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees if grown in a sunny place in your yard.

These flowers are ideal for pet owners who have always wanted a lovely garden full of different flowers but have been putting it off due to their habit of continuously worrying about their pets’ safety. So, go ahead and buy any of these pet-friendly flowers and enjoy the good vibes they bring to your home without having to worry about your pet’s safety. You can also gift these flowers to someone to express your gratitude and love for them.