India’s First Alcohol Museum in Goa

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Do you have a trip to Goa in mind? If so, Goa now has India’s first alcohol museum, so you might want to add another place to your list. You did read that correctly. The museum, which is devoted to all forms of alcohol, specializes in “Feni,” which is well-known among locals and visitors.

Goa, India’s unofficial party capital, is now home to the nation’s first alcohol museum after a Goan businessman and collector made the decision to inform tourists about the significance of the coastal state’s distinctive culture. The “All About Alcohol” museum, which honours the state’s rich history, has opened in Goa’s Candolim, a famous tourist destination known for its locally distilled drink “Feni”.

The museum is situated about 10 kilometres from Panaji on a busy road that connects the popular tourist destinations of Sinquerim and Candolim in North Goa; you can also take cabs from Kochi to Goa for a comfortable stay. 

Imagine a museum solely devoted to booze! its background, evolution, tale of regional adaptation, and the tale of consumption. Do you enjoy a little buzz every now and then? Well, delve deeper to get all the information to understand what this museum is all about.

An Exploration of Old Mud Pots, Glass Garrafos, Glass Vats, and More

Five elegant rooms in the museum are totally devoted to alcohol, notably Feni. There are old mud pots and glass garrafos that were used to store Feni hundreds of years ago. “The objective behind starting the museum was to make the world aware of Goa’s rich heritage, especially the story of Feni and the legacy of the alcohol trail from Brazil to Goa,” the museum’s founder Nandan Kudchadkar said in an interview with IANS.

According to CN Traveller, the museum’s in-house curators will lead visitors through the exhibits while revealing the histories of various ancient artefacts, such as a sugarcane crusher, a vintage alcohol shot dispenser, glass vats, and more. Additionally, visitors will learn about the crude methods used in the manufacture and distillation of regional tipples.

The Goa Alcohol Museum is home to a large collection of utensils, glass vats, bottles, and other Feni-related items. Cashew nut trees were brought to Goa by the Portuguese in the 1700s from Brazil. The second distillate of the juice of the cashew apple is known as cashew Feni. Urrak, the earliest distillate, has recently become more.

The most distinctive element of Goa’s past is “All About Alcohol.” The goal of this museum was to educate visitors about Feni’s history and Goa’s rich heritage. Inform them of the lesser-known details regarding the popular local beverage.

Final words

Goa is a dynamic, culturally diverse region with a tonne of new locations to discover and activities to enjoy. In all of India, Goa boasts the most amazing beaches, the best nightlife, the tastiest seafood, and now the best alcohol museum. Goa just gets better and better each day!  So, book the best Kochi car rental and start your trip to the museum.