Reasons why organic products are better than chemical ones

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The safety of your family and the cleanliness levels in your home is something that no one wants to compromise on. A lot of times people confuse good products with expensive products. A good product is effective, leaves no trace, and is not harmful to children and any pets in the house. If that is your priority as well, then you should definitely look at buying organic products. Here are a few reasons you need to consider while buying any products for your home. 

Ingredients used in the products

When you are using any product for the house, you rarely notice the ingredients on the product. Even if you do, the names mentioned on the bottle are difficult to identify. You may not be familiar with the composition of these ingredients and their effects too. When you buy natural products, you are sure to understand and identify all the listed ingredients. You know exactly what has gone into your product and how it is beneficial for you. If there are any additions to your products that are not suitable for your skin, then you can immediately look for another alternative.

Effects of the products on user

Any product you use will be handled by you several times a day. If your skin is sensitive, it can react badly with the harsh chemicals that you may find in products. This is why it is important to pick products that are safe for you to use. The after-effects of products can sometimes last for weeks after you have used them. Absorption of chemicals into the skin can damage the skin and cause irritation or a burning sensation. The most common problem that people complain about is the dryness and flaking of the skin. This is mostly seen when people use strong chemicals like toilet cleaner or kitchen cleaner and come in contact with it accidentally. They have a high percentage of acidic substances to cut through the grease and sanitize the toilet. 

 Highest level of sanitization and cleanliness

The highest level of sanitization and cleanliness is achieved by using products that have the right balance of ingredients, do not leave a trace, are easy to remove using water, are not harmful to the user or those around the product, and have reliable ingredients. Herbal and organic products are best known for these things. Starting from an herbal hand sanitizer to a floor cleaner in the house, you can switch from chemical products to organic products very easily. They offer the same results but have plenty of other benefits. Something as trivial as a dishwash liquid can cause you a lot of discomforts as you tend to use it multiple times a day and for a very long time. 

Fragrance and repellent properties

Most of the fragrances added to the chemical products are derived from natural sources. The fragrance is then concentrated and used in products. The most pleasant of smells cannot compete with the natural freshness of essential oils. They have been used for centuries to keep pests at bay and keep the house smelling good. The effectiveness of any product is doubled when it can also act as a cleaner as well as a repellent. When your floor cleaner, can naturally repel insects like ants and cockroaches, you don’t have to worry about an infestation or a problem in the long run. 

Traditional alternatives

A lot of problems can be resolved using traditional alternatives. You can start by looking at options like sambrani for mosquitoes. Although fogging is a good solution with a hot or cold fogging machine, it cannot be done during the rainy season. It is extremely essential for those who have a garden or have outdoor seating in their homes. For these times, you can turn to agarbattis, dhoop, or simple citronella essential oil. You can rub the oil in places where mosquitoes enter from and you can use it to repel them effectively. You can even use this oil on your clothes and use it to repel mosquitoes outdoors. Another way to keep the mosquitoes away is to use a repellent spray and use it in the crucial corners of the home. Noone of these tricks needs the use of chemicals. Spraying chemicals in your home is inviting health issues that occur due to inhaling aerosolized chemicals. 

Chemicals are synthesized in the factories and most of them aim to kill pests rather than repel them. It is quite obvious that the repercussions of such chemicals will be harmful. It is better to choose naturally occurring products rather than products that have toxic ingredients in them.