5 Major Reasons Why Women Should Be Lifting

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This makes females afraid of even lifting their most plausible weight that they can as possible. Factors such as injuries and a ripped figure seems unlikely the most appealing in most women’s radar.

Lifting reminds most women of the muscular body of Ronda Rousey, which definitely is “not” sexy in various female standards around the globe.

But did you know that lifting can be beneficial in a number of ways for women? If you are a woman, will you give weight lifting a try in your fitness program? I suggest that you do!

Below are five major reasons why lifting can deliver significant results for women’s fitness.


You Will Shed More Body Fat

In the gym, you will see women doing cardio all the time. Sometimes they are in the aerobics room doing some samba or a yoga session.

These exercises won’t help you lose fat fast. It will certainly take time before you see noticeable weight loss.

If you want to improve your body to fat ratio, then you need to lift weights and start weight training.

Athletes and lifters agree that cardio exercises can indeed help shed fat, but women who lift weights lose even more pounds – an average of six pounds (a conservative number).

Plus, female dieters who do not lift usually lost 75% of their weight loss from fat and 25% from muscle. Muscular loss can contribute to your overall weight loss but it definitely doesn’t equate to better figure and physique.

If you do weight training, weight gain is unlikely to occur and you can shed at least 40% of your body fat depending on your workout level.

Benefit More from Your Diet Program

Initiating your workout can also kick start your dieting program as both are designed to work cohesively.

Exercise especially weight training, can help aid your mind to stick with your diet plan. As you know, most dieters fail because they can’t follow it to the letter and they are not completely motivated in doing so.

Lifting as your main exercise regimen can help you overcome a variety of dieting road blocks that prevents women from succeeding in weight loss.

Yes, a satisfying workout can help your diet regimen to remain on track, helping you a step closer on your fitness goals.

You will Live a Healthier Life

This is a no brainer. Exercise is necessary to have a healthy body and long life and one of the best exercises that you can do is lifting weights.

Various health researchers suggest that doing at least three body weight exercises a week for two months results to a better blood pressure, cholesterol levels and healthier bones compared to women who don’t exercise.

This means that body weight exercises (a form of calisthenics and the basics of lifting) can improve your cardio, mental function and your overall heart health.

And if you are a middle aged female, the probability of getting a major chronic diseases such as cancer or heart attack, is significantly low if you do weight exercises.

That means that you can substantially live longer and enjoy life more.

Be More Productive

Studies have confirmed workers tend to be more productive whenever they exercise compared to those who are stuck on their office chairs (couch potato).

Female lifters suggest that they feel more stress-free after workouts. Lifting helps reduce your levels of hormonal tension agents which helps you to have more positive outlook at work.

This led to being more productive, helping you to work far more than your usual working capacity.

So if you exercise or lift weights, you will be more productive, satisfied and happier with your job.



You will Get in Shape Fast and Stay Fit for Life

Women between the ages of 30’s and 50’s are likely to lose 10 percent of their body’s overall muscle tissue.

Worst is that, you will also gain more fat making your physique totally disfigured.

If you want to reverse your fortune, lifting can trigger contrasting results.

Progressive weight lifting can improve your overall abdominal area (especially your waist size) as it can blast fat faster than regular cardio workouts.

As you know, at least 18% of your abdominal space is used by just a single pound of fat. Replacing it with a pound of muscle can bring a big difference.



Women are not just confined to doing the lesser workout these days. You need to focus on challenging yourself in the gym and lifting weights can give you just that.

Remember, you won’t get any visible results if you don’t push yourself to the limit.

Cardio exercises provide different benefits and if you like to get in shape fast and be fit for life, then go start lifting weights!