Most Popular Russian Beverages

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Having the fourth largest beer market in the world, Russia is renowned for brewing some amazing lagers. While Russians are usually known as vodka drinkers, beer is another popular beverage served here. 

Russian beer facts – did you know that Russian beer is distributed in different categories by colour – not the fermentation process? Yes, you read that right! Russians have various colour categories that include dark, semi-dark (red) and light brews. They also have a distinct category for beers containing 6% to 10% alcohol that’s known as a strong beer.  

There are various breweries situated in the country. However, the two oldest ones are in St. Petersburg. Even other larger cities in the country house different brewpubs and microbreweries. 

Russian Drinking Traditions

There are various traditions and customs associated with alcohol drinking in Russia. At some special occasions like formal business meets and dinner parties, it is customary for tables to be set with beer or wine glasses. Hence, the drinking culture in Russia is quite common. Here are the top seven beers in Russia that you need to consider if you are a beer enthusiast:

  1. Klinskoye Svetloe

Type: Pale Lager

Found in the major varieties and Klinskoye Svetloe being the well-known one, this particular brand label itself has hoppy and crisp beer. Their brew is often brewed with rice to remove the natural bitterness of the beer. This process makes it a unique brew for beer lovers and also lets them quench their thirst.  

  1. Zhigulevskoye

Type: Pilsner

Zhigulevskoye was brewed originally in 1881 by Alfred von Vacano. At that time, it was the only beer brand that was available in the Soviet era. But fortunately, this Russian beer is still available, and that too in various re-designed and well-crafted varieties as an affordable drinkable pilsner with a plastic twist-off cap. 

  1. Nevskoe Imperial

Type: Pale lager

This particular beer brand was established in the early ’90s. After that, this brew quickly became popular for its high-quality taste that’s similar to Hootie. But unlike Hootie, this brew is a popular beverage with a rich flavour and strong hoppy aroma.  

  1. Ochakovo

Type: Pale lager

Started in 1978 for offering as a drink to guests at the 1980 Summer Olympics with Russian-made alco, this particular beer is created with classic brewing techniques, and its procedure is all about science. It further follows cold-filtering technology by using fine-meshed polymeric membranes that filter out even very minute particles of yeast. Therefore, you need to go ahead to learn about polymeric membranes and also reward yourself with a distinct product. 

  1. Baltika No. 3

Type: Pale lager

Baltika is one of the largest breweries found in Eastern Europe. They have around 13 varieties of brews worldwide with No.3 being their highly popular brew. Mostly, Baltika is renowned for its lightness and crisp finish. Due to these characteristics, this beer is one of the favourite brews at Russian sporting events. You can even find it at the breweries and pubs in Russia. So, do give it a try whenever you want to enjoy a good beer. 

  1. Permskoye Gubernskoye

Type: Pale lager

Known as a popular European pale lager, Permskoye Gubernskoye is on the tipsier side with 5.2% ABV. With its bright bitter taste, the beer was first brewed at Perm Brewery, which is situated in the deep mountains of Russia. However, you can easily enjoy it in different bars and restaurants in the country. 

  1. Rifey

Type: Pale Lager

Rifey gets its name from the ancient Greek word for the Ural Mountains. As per Castle Malting, this particular brew has a distinct taste that’s known for its pleasant and bright taste and aroma. You can enjoy it while chilling on your sofa at home or outdoors with your friends. 


You must consider the mentioned Russian beers whenever you plan to go out with family or friends in this amazing country. So, do give at least one of them a try whenever you happen to be in Russia.