PEGA CSSA Certification is not Displaying in My Profile

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If your PEGA CSSA certification is not displaying in your profile, there are a few possible reasons why:

  1. Your certification has not yet been processed: It can take several days for your certification to be processed and displayed in your profile after you pass the exam. Check with PEGA Certification Support to confirm if your certification has been processed.
  2. Your email address in your PEGA profile does not match your Pearson VUE account email: Ensure that the email address you used to create your PEGA profile matches the email address associated with your Pearson VUE account. You can update your email address in your PEGA profile if needed.
  3. You have not linked your Pearson VUE account to your PEGA profile: You need to link your Pearson VUE account to your PEGA profile to ensure that your certification is automatically updated. To link your accounts, log in to your PEGA account, go to your Certification Dashboard and click “Link your Pearson VUE account.”
  4. Your certification has expired: If your certification has expired, it will no longer be displayed in your profile. Check the expiration date of your certification to confirm this.
  5. Technical issues: In rare cases, technical issues may prevent your certification from being displayed in your profile. Contact PEGA Certification Support for assistance in this case.

If none of the above reasons apply, contact PEGA Certification Support for further assistance in resolving the issue.