NHL 21 Gaming World Championship registration open

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Today, the New York National League announced that they will participate in the 2021 feat NHL World Championship with the world’s simplest EASports® NHL® 21.

Xbox and PlayStation players are looking forward to exciting changes to their annual schedule, including a single game from scratch, including easy access to several ECU tournaments in North America and Team Cheal in Canada. 

The European and North American matches on the Open Web Tour start on Wednesday, April 7. Four weeks after the election, the ECU Championship follows the normal process of winning the European Crown, and North American countries follow the system of Club Tournaments (Club Finals and Club Championships) through tournaments and division matches. Add a video to the contest. Fans had the opportunity to showcase their favorite NHL traits. 

The 2021 NHL World Championships are all held from afar. Now in Year 4, the content of the 2021 NHL World Series will increase and the threat will be even worse than before, and even a special audio screen will allow hockey and players to make their 32nd call. 

Club & not; Create a cheering atmosphere with the theme of a North American esports competition. Sponsors can follow the conversation with the hashtag #HHGGC.

“Our goal has always been to get the club to participate in the NHL World Championships,” said Chris Glore.  ” With the start of the annual club championship, we are approaching the perfect combination of sports and ice cream.”

We will not organize similar events. this year, but we’re grateful to the global gaming community for the unprecedented support from our partners around the world.”


North America club championships and finals: 

To match the personality of the 2020-21 NHL season, once the Open begins, the North America Championship will become a model for the club championship.


During four weeks of Online Open, 256 players (128 players per console) will be able to take part in the Club Finals. With the support of the weekly Online Open Standings, players will be assigned to represent 32 clubs (31 NHL clubs + 1 esports “club” not yet named).

The tallest player on each console who selects a private club as their favorite player is likely to attend his favorite club’s match.


Club finals and club titles will be hosted in NHL 2020-21 season groups: MassMutualNHL® East Division, ScotiaNHL® North Division, DiscoverNHL® Central Division, and HondaNHL® West Division.


Eight players representing each NHL club will be intimidated and a player representing the NHL club will be found in the club championship.


32 winners of the club finals will advance to the club championship. Almost like in the NHL 2020-21 season playoff format, clubs will first compete in their divisions (1v8, 2v7, 3v6, 4v5) looking for a winner for each division.


Next, the winners of the four divisions will compete for the 2021 North American Regional Championship. Fans vote for the 32nd club:


Hockey and gaming fans will have the opportunity to vote for the “32nd club” name in a Twitter poll. This club will be the eighth club to represent ScotiaNHL®North Division. More information on the Scotiabank Fan Vote will be available in the coming weeks. Game Information and Content Center (nhl.com/gaming):


Fans will be ready to follow all stages of NHL GWC 2021 on the newly created game website. Winners of the week, pool games, club representatives, UGC events, and the HUT team (when selected) will be viewed directly in one place for the first time.


Fans can use the #NHLGWC social hashtag to track conversations. Back: Ultimate Ice Hockey Team ™:


The ” HUT” mode of the entire tournament will revert to Sport mode and all games will use standard competitive settings. IPlayersmay uses existing or newly created HUT teams to participate in the competition.

In the first round or some rounds Draft HUT also returns in the final round of each game. Participants will form their own exclusive squad based on the final hockey team design obtained from NHL players.


Project dates and details can usually be found here. Partners:


NHL GWC is supported by NHL partners: North American partners Honda and Great Clips, Canadian Scotiabank exclusive partner, Dunkin’s American partner, and Navy Federal Savings and Financial Institutions.


As announced in February, the NHL has partnered with DreamHack Sports Games (DHSG), a world leader in organizing and producing sports game tournaments. And live events.

DHSG will produce all NHL Game World Championship ™ content, including but not limited to weekly appearances in June and July; club finals, highlighted game packages for the European Championship and the Club Championship; and all live broadcasts.


Battlefy will be the official game platform and game manager, providing seamless multi-language registration and content exchange hubs for fans to follow the two games in real-time.

The Battlefy digital platform has over 250,000 esports leagues and tournaments, created and visited by brands, game publishers, sports organizations, universities, high schools, communities, broadcasters, and fans.

A weekly plan will be delivered here and can be delivered upon request.


Contest content will also be available on the NHL digital platform. 

  • NHL Game World Championship ™ 2021 will be published by global broadcasting partners NHL NBC Sports, Sportsnet, Viaplay, and NENT Group. The content of the competition will also be made available on the digital platforms of these streaming partners. NHL Game World Championship 2020 – Last year’s winner of the cheers has doubled. What do they need to become champions?


  • Canadian Champion Justin `Regs_84` regular 
  • US Champion Josh` OFs_HK` chaos 
  • European Champion Arttu Atuzoffen Mustila


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