Swimsuit Trends to Look for in 2022

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People take more trips to the beach when it gets warmer. They bring the best foot forward with body shaping swimwear that hugs the body perfectly, giving a beautiful look. You can also step it up a notch with shapely bathing suits that fit your body beautifully, giving you that great look. When it comes to looks, monokinis and tanks are making triumphant returns, both being offered in various cuts and cropped-off lengths.

As more women keep up with fashion and are always looking to wear clothes trending in Y2K, these bathing suits are becoming even more popular. The fashionable swimsuits of the year are not just stylish; they are also functional.   

A stylish wetsuit with long sleeves or a halter top will hold the body in the right place to move through water, should you be heading out to the beach. If one is planning on going out for pool parties, a micro-glittering wetsuit is a must-have. 

Here are a few styles of swimwear that look flattering on all shapes and types of bodies, which people should keep an eye on for 2022. 


Ruffles are considered very romantic, which is all anyone needs to know in order to determine whether this swimsuit style is for them. They are a fantastic way to bring focus to the collarbone, waist, or thighs.    


This summer, tankinis are making an amazing comeback. These swimsuits are shorter in length than their predecessors–think cropped top, not one-piece sliced in half. And, it is a good option for avoiding strange lines of tanning!. Tankinis are available in many styles, like a halter, triangle, and strapless, to name some.

Glitter Bikinis:

If someone has ever wanted to be sparkly and stand out at the beach, then micro-glitter bikinis are what you need to opt for. Glitter bikinis made their debut in the swimwear fashion scene the summer before and are well poised to be this year’s big trend. As beautiful as it is, a glitter bikini is known for its unique shine, making for some awesome holiday photos but not overly flashy. They are also stylish and can be dressed up and paired with some jewelry stacked on top, making them perfect for special occasions such as beachy bachelorette parties.    


This one-piece is an absolute necessity, falling somewhere between the average bathing suit and a bikini. Like the tankini, the monokini is making a comeback. Celebrities have carried on the trend of monokinis over a decade ago, and they are now trending again. While the monokini might lead to some weird lines, it also highlights your unique body type and makes you stand out.    

Halter Neckline:

Halter necklines are a trendy girl’s go-to choice when a person goes out. Therefore, the same logic can be applied when going to the beach. If someone loves this look, they might want to treat themselves to one of these halter top bikinis. In a way, it is shaping swimwear. A halter cut top emphasizes the collarbones and provides additional support should someone plan on leaping into waves.    

In a sense, this is shaped like swimming trunks. A great way to experiment with this trend is by crossing the bikini straps with strings across the neck, then knotting them behind.    


Wetsuits can help provide heat protection when you are at the beach. Wetsuits have been in the news forever, and this summer is one to watch. Wetsuits are stylish and athletic, featuring longer, more elastic sleeves. It is practical, but it also makes a style statement. Choose chinos, floral prints, or colorful details if you want a more feminine look. 

These are some of the trends in bathing suits that you should keep an eye on for this summer.