The Best Method to Sync Outlook Contacts With Android and Gmail

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In the modern era, with the growth and influence of chat apps, as well as mobile messaging services, we will be sending and receiving emails every day. Emails are a very common way of communication in business. Email is also important for daily online life, and since most websites require an email address to create an account.

Microsoft Outlook has a more than 400 million active user base. Most people are open to emails from mobile devices running the Android operating system. So, syncing Outlook on mobile devices and other services is very important to access from any location or device.

The contact list is a very essential part of our personal life and professional life. Email communication is the most productive feature of business communication. If, you are facing some issue while Sync Outlook Contacts with Gmail and Android. Then, don’t worry. Before going on the solution, we need to know the causes of the Sync contacts.

Why do I need to sync Outlook contacts?

Most of the common reasons to sync Outlook contacts with Android and Gmail.

  • Most people use android, so it is required to access contact.
  • Sometimes Outlook shows the loading error and becomes inaccessible. In this case, you require contacts from Gmail if synced.
  • For the safety of contact, It is essential to store in the Gmail cloud.

These are the most probable causes for the sync of Outlook contacts with Android and Gmail. After the reasons, we need to know about the possible ways to sync contacts.

Method 1: Sync Outlook Contacts To Android

If you want to know the way to sync contacts with Android. You need to follow the whole process in the same sequence. Here, understanding the process very carefully before the implementation. 

  1. Open your android device settings.
  2. Click on the apps or applications.
  3. Tap on the Outlook.
  4. Under the app settings, You can see permissions and tap on it.
  5. Enable the contacts option if it is disabled.
  6. Now, open the Outlook app and go to settings.
  7. Click on your account and tap Sync contacts.

Method 2: Sync Outlook Contacts To Gmail

Gmail is a very popular email service. It has a more than 1.5 billion active user base.

If you want to successfully sync Outlook contacts with Gmail. You need to follow the steps in the same sequence. 

  1. To sync Outlook contacts with Gmail, you need to download or update the Gmail app.
  2. Then, register your Outlook account on Gmail. If you don’t have it, then set it up and log in on your computer to check that the sync works properly.
  3. Log into your Outlook account from the Gmail app using the same credentials you use on the desktop. 
  4. Then, make sure Gmail can access your contacts and calendar. The process is to click on device settings >> choose apps or applications >> check the Permissions and enable the Contacts.
  5. Then, Open Gmail and tap Menu on the left side corner.
  6. Click on the settings
  7. Now, Tap on the Add account.
  8. Here, you can see the email services list and click on Exchange and Office 365.
  9. Now, fill in your email address and password on the next page.
  10. It starts validating the server settings on your android device. If a pop-up requesting remote security administration is open, click OK and then complete the process of sign-in on the next page.

These are the processes to Sync Outlook contacts with Gmail and Android. Both are very impressive, but you need to implement the whole process very carefully. If you miss any step, then you can’t get the best result from that method.

Final words

We have discussed the above portion about the Android and Gmail methods. Both ways are a little complex, and you need to implement this process very carefully. If you have limited time, then these methods are not perfect for you. Also, you need technical expertise to get the best result. But, don’t worry. We have the perfect solution for you.

You can also read the more informative content for better results. It is the easiest and most effective way to Sync Outlook contacts with Gmail and Android. This article is also very informative.