The Coogee Sands Hotel is Ready to Welcome You to a Perfect Coogee Bay Stay 

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Welcome to Coogee Sands Hotel: Your sun-kissed haven on Sydney’s iconic Coogee Beach. Here, the rhythmic hum of the ocean sets the soundtrack for your days while vibrant energy and endless adventures paint your Sydney escape. Whether you’re a surfing soul yearning for perfect waves, a family-building sandcastle empire, or a couple chasing romantic sunsets, Coogee Sands Hotel is your gateway to seaside bliss.

Step out onto your balcony and let the ocean panorama mesmerise you. Sun-drenched days unfold before you, inviting you to dive into the sparkling infinity pool, where city views and ocean breezes embrace. Cozy up in your stylish room, where comfort meets coastal charm, or lose yourself in a good book beneath the swaying palm trees in the lush courtyard.


Coogee Sands Hotel isn’t just about relaxation; it’s about vibrant living:

  • Taste the ocean’s bounty: Savor delectable seafood platters and juicy steaks at The Beachside Brasserie, where panoramic views fuel your cravings. Sip cocktails under fairy lights at The Balcony Bar, where live music ignites the night as the city lights twinkle below.
  • Unleash your inner explorer: Step outside, and Coogee Beach stretches before you, a playground for surfers, sunbathers, and sandcastle architects. Dive into the waves, build sandy masterpieces, or simply soak up the sun as the ocean’s rhythmic symphony washes away your worries.
  • Venture beyond the shore: The heart of Sydney beats just a heartbeat away. Discover hidden rock pools, explore bustling markets, or lose yourself in the iconic Opera House. Hop on a ferry and soak in the panorama from the Harbour Bridge, or delve into history at the Coogee Bay Surf Club.


After a day of sun and adventure, Coogee Sands Hotel welcomes you into its warm embrace. Unwind with a luxurious spa treatment, soothe your muscles in the jacuzzi, or simply curl up with a book in the library. Let the starlit sky above the beer garden be your bedtime story, or share laughter with friends over a late-night drink at The Balcony Bar.


Coogee Sands Hotel isn’t just a hotel, it’s a feeling:

It’s the laughter of families building sandcastles, the thrill of surfers catching waves, and the clinking of glasses as friends celebrate under the setting sun. It’s the whispers of history in the heritage walls and the buzz of modern life in the vibrant bars. The comfort of a sun-soaked balcony and the salty ocean kiss on your skin.


Ready to write your own Coogee Sands Hotel story? Book your escape today and unlock a world of sun-kissed days, vibrant possibilities, and unforgettable memories. Coogee Beach awaits, and your perfect Sydney escape starts here.