The son who came to see me | Japan Horror Story

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This is a story I heard from an old man I met at Bar.

He lost his wife early and has lived with his son since then.
When his son grew up, he decided to study at a university in England.

One night one year after his son studied abroad…

Someone visited his house as he was having dinner alone at home.
“Who came?”He wondered, but he opened the door.

His son, who was studying in England, stood there.

“What’s wrong? When did you come back to Japan? Why didn’t you contact me?”
Although he was surprised, he was happy to see his son after a long time.
But his son stands with a dark face.
“I’m sorry for coming back suddenly. I want to see my dad’s face”

When his son said so, his home phone rang.
Once back in the room he answered the phone.
The call was that his son died in an accident in the UK.
“No way!My son is at the front door”
He returned to the front door… but there was no one there.

“My son came back to say good-bye to me.”

The face he told me was very lonely.
That’s the story I heard from an old man I met at Bar.


There are many stories about Japanese ghosts.

Many of them are horribly cruel.

However, there are other aspects to the Japanese Ghost Story.

The story I introduce this time is a sad story about father and son.

What kind of emotion do you have when you hear this story?