Things To Consider While Choosing The Right 18-inch BMX Bike

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Do you love to chill out with companions? You’ll find huge differences in the kit, image and when it arrives at. What riding kind shall you perform? Shall you visit any skate park to air quarter pipe slope? Just spend time with your companion or in the woods to achieve dirt jump lines? If you are looking for the best bike for your kid, 18inch BMX bikes are a popular choice.  

If you are planning to buy a BMX bike, then you must know that there are two ways to get yourself a bike:

  1. A stock bike
  2. You can build the bike from individual parts 

If your building a bike from scratch for the first time, then having a little technical knowledge is all that you need. But the easy way out would be to buy a stock bike so that you don’t end up spending too much time assembling it. 

What Must You Look For When Buying 18-inches BMX Bikes

Following are the elements you must consider before going for BMX:

  • Handlebar’s Width And Height

Until the late 1990s, a BMX bike’s handlebars were very small. The size of the handlebar is calculated by the width and rise of the bar. (Rise indicates the height computed in inches from the horizontal handlebar to the bike’s frame.) Presently, the BMX handlebar’s rise generally lies between 8.5 inches to 10 inches. Your chosen handlebar also relies on its stem, which links the bike frame to the handlebar.

  • The Perfect Frame And Wheel Size

A BMX bike comes in several sizes, varying from 12-inch wheels to 24 and 18-inch BMX bikes wheels. The wheel size relies on the rider’s height, i.e., it is recommended for riders with short stature to go for smaller wheels. 20 and 18-inch BMX bikes are the most standards used wheel size.

The bike size also relies on its frame. The top tube’s length usually measures its frames, and it is the uppermost frame part that is horizontal and generally parallel to the floor. These are computed in inches.

  • Additional Components of BMX Bike

While the above two factors play an important role, but you must also have a look at some of the additional components of the BMX bikes.  This includes the tires, chains, stem, sprocket, seat, bearings, grips, cranks, hubs, rims, and stem. Smaller variations or adjustments to each part shall make a big difference in your biking experience. To mention a small example, if there is a variation in it, then it can impact your biking experience.  If your bike has a 175mm crank, it will ride faster as compared to a bike with a 165mm crank.  Also, the wheel rim plays an important role, and if the wheels have double-wall rims, it will last longer as compared to the one that doesn’t have a double rim. You should pay attention to other bike components as well.  You must know what are you looking for in the bike, and based on your preference, you can choose the one that best matches all your technical specifications. 


Discovering what kind of bike you’ve been searching for might appear as a challenge, yet there’s no need to worry. In the BMX shop, you’ll get a straightforward and clear way that will help you decide what you wish to leave with. It is recommended to involve ideal 18-inch BMX bikes as it is an amazingly fun sports activity. So if you’re all set to carry out some research, it shall pay some dividends in the future to ensure you in availing the best money deals.