To Become a Certified Pega System Architect

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To become a Pega System Architects, we have to learn pega from You can choose the course according to your skill and start learning to make your career better in IT industry.

Q. What is Cascading Approval in Pega?

Ans:-When there are a series of approvals needed for an assignment, It is known as cascading approval. We can conditionalize the cascading approval. So It’s a flexible kind of approval.

2 Types of Cascading Approval

  • Reporting Structure – It’s basically concerned with the hierarchy of the operator. E.g – I report to my manager then the manager report to Sr manager then the Sr. manager report to Director.
  • Authority Matrix- It is flexible approval where the approvers can be from outside the hierarchy or reporting structure.

Q. Types of Email correspondence?

Ans:-   There are 4 types of Email Correspondence.

  1.  Mail –  Mail is a medium to transport things physically.
  2.  Email- Email is an Electronic medium to send documents and messages through the internet network.
  3.  Phone Text –  Phone Text is widely used nowadays to send and receive messages over the Phone.
  4.  FAX – FAX is a Telephonic transmission of scanned printed material like text doc and images.


Q. Edit mode of Email correspondence?


  1. Simple Rich Text Editor
  2. Source Only
  3. Templated Email