PEGA CSA 8.6 Question and Answers

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Find the PEGA CSA 8.6 Question and Answers to clear the certification exam and increase your knowledge as per market standard.


Q2. Which two statements are true about styling controls in App Studio? (choose two)

A. Developers can configure a date time control to display as a text field, drop-down list, or calendar control.

B. Developers must create a new style format to apply styling to an out-of-the-box button control.

C. Developers can configure a link control to change the border color when users hover over the control.

D. Developers can configure a test input control to change the background when user click on the control.

Answers:- A,D

Q3.  You need to localize correspondence into a language that is unavailable in the Pega language pack. Which option satisfies the requirement?

A. Run the localization wizard and add translations to translation.html

B. Create the translation rule manually and include the rule in the application ruleset.

C. Configure a field value record that contains the correspondence text.

D. Leverage translations service SOAP calls and enable records for translation.

Answers:- A

Q4. You need to test whether a user interface is suitable for users with visualize disabilities, such as Deuteranopia (red-green confusion).

How do you perform this task?

A. Enable the Live UI tool.

B. Unit test section rules.

C. Use a screen reader extension.

D. Use the accessibility inspector.

Answers:- D

Q5. All Managers must be able to view the Employee vocation requests report in their Managers portal dashboards.

Which configuration fulfill this requirements?

A. Add a report widget to the portal dashboard, and then click Publish.

B. Create a new landing page on the portal with the new report, saved in the public category.

C. Add a report widget to the portal dashboard, and then click Publish to default.

D. Add the report to a public category, and then add the out-of-the-box Reports landing page to the portals.

Answers:- D

Q6. Which two controls types allow you to display three balance transfer offers on a form with a single controls, to prevent the customer from selecting more than one offer? (Choose Two)

A. Radio Buttons

B. Drop-down List

C. Button

D. Checkbox

Answers:- A,D

Q7. An order form provides four options for which customers select one option. According to best practice, which of the following two UI control types can be used to minimize clutter on the order form? (Choose two)

A. Autocomplete

B. Dropdown

C. Radio Buttons

D.  Checkbox

Answers:- B,C

Q8. A Reservation process allow customers to reserve a flight, hotel room, and rental car as part of a travel itinerary. Which configuration displays a Select flight insurance check box only when itinerary includes a flight?

A.  A required condition (when rule) that is applied to the Select flight insurance check box

B.  A disable condition (when rule) that is applied to the Select flight insurance check box

C.  A disable condition (when rule) that is applied to the section with the flight insurance information.

D.  A visibility condition (when rule) that is applied to the Select flight insurance check box

Answers:- D

Q9. Users must provide values to certain fields before submitting a job application form. Which configuration adds asterisks to indicate the mandatory fields on the forms?

A. Configure a Disable when condition on the mandatory fields at run time.

B. Use an Edit Validate rule to verify if each of the mandatory properties has a value.

C. Configure the mandatory fields as Always Required on the form at run time.

D. Use a Validate rule to verify the mandatory fields have a value.

Answers:- C

Q10. A business architect has developed a new process for a case type. To verify that the UI elements collect the expected results, you want to test the process and the fields.

Which two configurations, when use together, allow you to record a set of instructions and save the test results to verify process functionality? (Choose two)

A. Add explicit assertions on the UI element.

B. Create a unit test for the case type

C. Create a scenario test for the case type

D. Add validations on the UI elements

Answers:- A,C

Q11. Which two conditions do you test with a unit test? (choose two)

A. An application is successfully migrated to a test system.

B. A data page populates without any errors.

C. Property values is set correctly by a data transform.

D. An application displays user views for 20 users within three seconds.

Answers:- B,C



Q13. Which two configuration steps must be perform together to record a unit test for automated testing? (Choose Two)

A. Select a ruleset that is configured to store automated test cases.

B. Select a ruleset that is configured to store the results of the test.

C. Add a test case to the Automated Testing landing page.

D. Add an assertions to define a expected result.

Answers:- A,D

Q14. Apartment tenants submit maintenance requests that specify their name, address, request type, and description of the request. Tenants may submit multiple maintenance requests for different request types. The company wants to identify duplicate maintenance requests from the same address.

A. Configure the apartment address as a basic condition.

B. Configure the apartment address as a weighted condition.

C. Configure the tenant name as a basic condition.

D. Configure the request type as a weighted condition.

Answers:- A,D

Q15. Sales managers must be able to approve sales quote proposals by email and from a mobile device. How do you implement this requirement?

A. Add a Approve/Reject step and enable email and mobile approval.

B. Add a Approve/Reject step and enable email notification on the case type.

C. Add a Approve/Reject step with mobile approval enabled and a Send Email step.

D. Add an Approve/Reject step and Send Email step.

Answers:- A

Q16. A travel authorization requires approvals from the requestors manager, division VP, and possibly an accountant based on the total amount. Which configuration satisfies this use case?

A. Cascading approval using the workgroup manager.

B. Cascading approval using when rules identify the assigned user.

C. Cascading approval using the reporting manager.

D. Cascading approval using an authority matrix.

Answers:- D

Q17. When Applying for a credit limit increase, customers with standard credit cards must provide information automatically skip this process. What tasks do you perform to implement this requirement?

A. Add a validation condition with the card type for continued process.

B. Add an Approve/Reject step to test the card type.

C. Add a custom condition to start the process by testing the card type.

D. Add a card type true/false field to a user view.

Answers:- D

Q18. Which requirement demonstrates the need to configure correspondence?

A. Phone a customer for a additional information about the case.

B. Case Worker receives a mobile push notification to approve an insurance claim.

C. Assign a new insurance claim to a case worker to process.

D. Email the case worker when the insurance claim is routed to their worklist.

Answers:- D

Q19. A life insurance company has satellite offices in various countries. Each satellite office has a work queue. Company policy requires that life insurance underwriting be assigned to offices based on the policy owner’s residential address.

Which routing approach support this requirement?

A. Route the assignment to a specific underwriter based on business logic.

B. Route the assignment to the correct queue by using a reporting structure.

C. Route the assignment to the correct queue based on a business logic.

D. Route the assignment to the correct queue by using an authority matrix.

Answers:- C

Q20. How do you guide users through an application from without requiring user training?

A. Add an optional action to the case to explain the task.

B. Add the corresponding step to an appropriate stage.

C. Send a notification to the assigned user.

D. Add an instruction to the assignment.

Answers:- D

Q21. A moving company provides customers with a tool that recommends a moving vehicle based on the number of bedrooms in their current living space and whether they are planning to move heavy furniture like bed frames, mattresses, or couches , Based on the Customer input, a decision table presents the customer with a recommendation.

Which two configurations do you use together to build the decision table? (Choose two)

A. Create two rows, one for the number of bedrooms and one for whether the customer is moving heavy furniture.

B. Create a column for the recommended moving vehicle.

C. Create rows for the recommended moving vehicle.

D. Create two columns, one for the number of bedrooms and one for whether the customer is moving heavy furniture.

Answers:- B,D

Q22. In which two situations is it appropriate to use a decision table? (Choose Two)

A. order total is calculated based on the quantity and price of the items in the customer’s shopping cart.

B. If customers decide to add insurance, checked bags, or early boarding to their airline tickets, extra fees are added to their or total.

C. A gym recommends a membership type based on the number and type of fitness classes the customer wants to attend every month.

D. A hair care company suggests a line of products to customers based on their hair type, scalp moisture, hair moisture, and whether it is color-treated.

Answers:- C,D

Q23. You are developing a case type to process visa applications. As part of the process, applicants need to schedule an interview with the consulate. A child Interview case is created for the interview process and assessment. following the interview, it typically takes 48hours for the consulate to reach a decision. For the visa case to proceed to applicant notification, the Interview case needs to be resolved.

How do you configure a case type to achieve the required behavior? 

A. Add a Create Case step that creates the Interview child case. there is no need to add a Wait step.

B. Add a Create Case step that creates the Interview child case. Following this step, add a Wait step that pauses the parent case until the Interview case reaches a status of Resolved and after 48 hours have elapsed.

C. Add a Create Case step that creates the Interview child case. Following this step, add a Wait step that pauses the parent case until the Interview case reaches a status of Resolved.

D. Add a Create Case step that creates the Interview child case. Following this step, add a Wait step that pauses the parent case until 48 hours have elapsed.

Answers:- C

Q24. A case type for voiceover requests includes two tasks: Edit Script an Record Script. Your team has been asked to route Edit Script tasks to editors and Record Script tasks to actors. Which approach fulfills this requirements?

A. Create one work group for both personas and route to the work group.

B. Create two new work queues, one  for editors and one for actors.

C. Create one new work queue and split the tasks by type.

D. Create two new work groups in Dev Studio that reference one work queue.

Answers:- B

Q25. You are designing a medical claim case type and have the following requirements : Medical claims must be resolved within 5 days. To meet this requirement you need to set the ___________ in the service level to 5 days.

A. deadline

B. passed deadline

C. goal

D. urgency

Answers:- A

Q26. An internet provider has a quiz that gives customer a recommended internet speed based on their typical internet use. The questions differ based on the selections that the customers makes, For example, whether  they are seeking a recommendation for a residence or a business.

A. Configure a decision tree.

B. Configure a decision table.

C. Configure a view with the quiz question.

D. Configure a process with multiple decision shapes.

Answers:- B


Q27. A requirements states: Loan applications must enter their annual salary. If the salary is above the qualifying threshold, the application is automatically approved. If the salary is below the threshold, the applicant must identify a cosigner. Select the two configuration options that follow best practices to meet the requirement.(Choose Two)

A. Create an assignment step for a loan officer to review the applicants annual salary and determine if a cosigner is necessary.

B. Design a user view with an annual salary field a data relationship for cosigner information. Use a visibility condition to display the cosigner information when the salary is below the threshold.

C. Use a collect information step with an annual salary fields. Use a decision shape to determine whether to advance to a step to enter cosigner information or complete the process.

D. Design a user view with an annual salary field. Create an optional action to collect information about the cosigner and assign the action to the appropriate stage.

Answers:- B,C

Q28. Which studio do you use to configure a service level agreement (SLA) with a passed deadline?

A. App Studio

B. Prediction Studio

C. Admin Studio

D. Dev Studio

Answers:- D

Q29. A survey is sent to a customer via email.

How do you configure a solution to ensure the email includes the case ID for the survey?

A. Create a process using the Send Email step allowing representatives to quickly add the case ID to the email.

B. Call a data transform to copy the case ID from pyWorkPage to the email.

C. Create a required field for the case ID that must be entered by a user during the case process prior to sending the survey.

D. Use the Insert Property feature of a Send Email step to add the case ID when composing the message dialog.

Answers:- D

Q30. A help desk ticket case type is defined as follows:-

Image required

If the process ticket step is configured to set the status to Pending-Triage, when is the status of the case set to Pending-Triage?

A. When the Process ticket step completes.

B. When the Enter Ticket Details step completes.

C. When the Process ticket step starts.

D. When the Triage stages starts.

Answers:- C

Q31. Which issue do you address by simulating a data source?

A. In production, the customer database needs to be taken off-line overnight for scheduled maintenance.

B. You need to test a save plan for a savable data page that updates the cost of coverage options for insurance policies.

C. The product database moves to a new data source accessible by a web service that is not yet configured.

D. An Embedded data field needs simulated data for testing a customer creation view.

Answers:- A

Q32. Which two data requirements ensure valid data? (Choose Two)

A. The data is the correct type.

B. The data fits the business logic.

C. The data is locally sourced.

D. The data is organized in a data type.

Answers:- A,C



Q34. A car insurance quote requires a view for potential customers to enter information to process request. What are the two primary decision to make before you to add fields to the view. (Choose Two)

A. Is field entry required?

B. How do users enter values into the fields?

C. Does the field required a data data source?

D. Are processing actions applied to the field?

Answers:- A,B



Q36. In a Credit Card Payment case type, you want to set the payment amount to the minimum amount due when a user creates a case.

How do you set the payment amount?

A. Configure the pySetFieldDefaults data transform to set the default value.

B. Configure the payment amount field to reference the minimum amount due.

C. Configure the payment amount as a calculated field.

D. Configure a field validation on the payment amount.

Answers:- A

Q37. Which two statements about data object are true? (Choose Two)

A. Data objects are sourced from an external system of record.

B. Data object can reuse assets from an existing data object through inheritance.

C. A data object created in App Studio creates a data type in Dev Studio.

D. A draft data object references a data type.

Answers:- B,C


Image Required


Q40. An application must validate postal codes for Canadian customers to match the pattern A1A








2- A,C

3- A

4- D

5- D

6- A,B

7- B,C

8- D

9- C

10- A,C

11- B,C


13- A,D

14- A,D

15- A

16- D

17- D

18- D

19- C

20- D

21- B,D

22- C,D

23- C

24- B

25- A

26- B

27- B,C

28- D

29- D

30- C

31- A

32- A, C


34- A,B


36- A

37- B,C





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