Top 5 Best-Proven Hacks for Photoshop Tool

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Yes, the pictures are something that says so many things. Images are referred to as the best way to communicate these days. You can find different people share their views through images. Thus, we do not at all reveal that images are useless. 

When it comes to image creating and editing programs, Photoshop (PS) is the best tool that comes with splendid features. Its functions work best in keeping the professional photography world turning. Apart from the PS editing tool, you could use an online PDF to PSD converter that allows you to turn PDF into PSD in instant.

Well, it does not matter what’s the level of your experience is to operate Photoshop, here are some quick and easy-to-remember hacks that help you to improve your photoshop experience. 

How to Access the Hidden Panel Options?

In the Photoshop software panel, at the top right corner, there is a small icon that fully shows a fly-out menu. There you people can get additional options that are hidden away here that you might not explore before. 

You just require to click on this menu, then move to Panel Options. Inside this panel options, you could be able to set thumbnails size to be larger, different artwork (cropping), and much more, let’s experience it. Remember that PSD (Photoshop Document) file is always best, to get a better understanding start editing with it.

However, sometimes you people may need to convert PDF to PSD, if this is the case, then thanks to the best PDF to PSD converter that helps to save PDF as PSD online. 

How to Keep Layer Visibility Unchanged?

The time comes when we make mistakes, and then try to fix them by simply checking individual layers’ visibility. When it comes to changes, we might stick with Ctrl + Z to get back to a previous state. But, remember that the problem is the layer visibility, which has not returned.

To avoid this, you need to simply check the “Make Layer Visibility Changes Undoable” from the given History Options dialog. Once the option is checked, you ought to consider Cmd/Ctrl + Alt + Z, by doing so it steps backward through your history as you always get, and even you will see the changes to the visibility of these layers is now included within the history.

Also, if you have a bunch of PDF documents files and want to convert them into PSD images, then the Photoshop tool does not do that. So, for PDF to PSD batch conversion, you need to use a free PDF to PSD converter online.

How You Hide Palettes, Toolbox & Option Bar Quickly?

You can readily hide all the palettes, Toolbox as well as options bar inside PS software by simply tapping the Tab key once. This is specifically working best when you just require the image to be on the artboard. You just need to hit the Tab again to simply attain them all back at once.

If you have Adobe PDF files and you want to apply some editing features to them, then it’s time to consider an online pdf to PSD converter that turn PDF into PSD images without losing the quality. Also, if you only aim to hide palettes, you just ought to hold down the Shift key and hit the tab.

How to Alter Values via Mouse Scrub?

From the CS4, you people can be able to scrub your mouse over input values. For example, whenever you need to change the opacity of the layer, rather than tapping on the opacity fields of the layers panel, you just require to click and just drag on the value for opacity.

A scrub that is to the left reduces the opacity, and to the right entirely increases it. This is referred to as the best time-saving feature in Photoshop (PS).

How Do You Add New Colors Inside The Swatch Palette?

Photoshop software enables you to add new colors to the Swatch Palette. You just have to move to the Swatches palette, and then make a right-click to simply add a new color instantly. If mistakenly you added another color that you don’t want, then simply hold down the Alt key and simply see that how the cursor changes into a Scissor icon through which you can snip the color.

The Photoshop (PS) tool is not best for the conversion process, if you want to perform PSD image file conversions, then visit the online converter that not only provided you with a PDF to PSD Converter but also a different free and best tool.