This Summer Stand out With Long Shirt and palazzo trouser

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If you want to wear casual clothing to a friend’s gathering, don’t limit yourself to t-shirts, sweaters, and jeans. You have a lot more potential. Boring has nothing to do with being casual. Stitched Shirts can be your go-to outfit for this Summer. 

Long shirts are ideal for the spring and fall seasons. Meanwhile, you may mix them with tube tops or crop tops to create a beautiful summer ensemble. You can make yourself seem quite different by styling it in various ways, such as feminine, boyish, playful.

If you opt to wear an oversized sweatshirt, pair it with straight, flared, mom jeans, or pretty much any pants that aren’t too tight as long as you choose the proper shade or print. When it comes to large button-up shirts, the rule is the opposite: you may still wear flared and boyfriend jeans, but the more fitted the pants are on you, the easier it is to style them without seeming sloppy.  Let’s go through some of my favorite ways to wear a long shirt right now.

Simple Long White Shirt and Ripped Jeans Combination 

That is a fairly traditional method to wear a white long sleeve shirt. Simply mix it with ripped jeans and high shoes in a solid hue. With a nice choice of luggage, I’d say this outfit makes you seem smart enough to be considered business casual.

White Midi Shirt Dress source: white midi shirt dress

Despite the fact that the outfit is the same white shirt and trousers, the addition of a longer, midi shirt dress changes the style significantly. When paired with pants and a lighter-colored bag, this combination can make you look incredibly feminine and lovely.

White Long Shirt for a Summer Look

As previously stated, long sleeve shirts can also be worn in the summer, especially if you don’t mind revealing some skin. To achieve the glamorous Summer Collection 2021 appearance, wear a white long shirt dress, leave the top 2 to 3 buttons undone, and combine with black slacks and heeled sandals.

Tie-around-waist Long Black Striped Shirt

Instead of just a white shirt, consider a long black striped tie-around-the-waist shirt to add some personality to your ensemble. The shirt will look great paired with a pair of eye-catching sunglasses and ripped jeans for a stunning spring ensemble. This is a fun, slightly arrogant appearance that is ideal for girly gatherings and shopping.

Maxi Shirt Dress with a Crop Top in Stripes

This look also includes a black striped long shirt. But this one is a little longer. It’s a shirt dress with a maxi length. Just look at how stunning it looks with a cropped tube top. Simply said, it’s a terrific low-key and fashionable way to appear seductive and casual.

Cardigan over a plaid shirt

Wearing a longer cardigan over a long plaid shirt is a chic way to experiment with layering. Layering a longer layer on top of a longer layer can make you appear taller and slimmer. It’s a really feminine and casual look that’s ideal for casual eating. I like this dress idea because you can look incredibly amazing without looking like you’re trying.

White long sleeve shirt with a black sweater

Layer a well-fitted black sweater over a long white shirt for a more creative look. Pair them with torn jeans and high heels to complete this stunning casual smart appearance. Wear a black hat with this outfit for an artsy occasion.

Dress in Denim Shirt

Why don’t we attempt a denim shirt dress to look a lot softer and more cheerful? Whether you like to button your shirt or not, it looks great. The secret to this easygoing ensemble is to keep the hue warm and gentle. Pair the denim shirt dress with a grey tee and white jeans to achieve this look. A casual and fashionable necklace may bring a lot of flair to an outfit.

Dress in a Leather Skirt Over a Shirt

This is an interesting way to wear a shirt dress. Although I believe it looks fine, I think wearing a leather skirt over a shirt dress requires a lot of confidence. After all, fashion is supposed to be enjoyable while still being comfortable.

Black Wide Leg Pants with a White Shirt

Among the long dress outfit ideas on this list, this is perhaps my favorite. You will look stunning and stand out from the crowd if you wear a white long shirt with black wide-leg pants. I know it’s a really simple outfit, but the long shirt and wide-leg pants just go so well together. It simply works.

White Shirt Dress with Bright Shoes

Don’t overlook how much value your shoes may offer to your appearance. Wearing nothing but a white shirt dress can be a little monotonous. Not when paired with bright and fun shoes. And the black medium socks are crucial as well, as they are the reason why the shoes stand out.

Long Shirt in Boho Style

I adore this summer collection boho look. This one’s for you if you are a big boho enthusiast or if you are one of those lucky persons that look wonderful in boho style attire. Pairing a bohemian long shirt with a pair of boho shoes may make you look really charismatic and beautiful. Long wavy hair will undoubtedly enhance the image.

So you can see how much fun it is to fool about with a long shirt. The nicest thing about long shirts is that you may seem extremely casual while yet looking really gorgeous and eye appealing. Not only that but wearing it correctly might make you appear taller and leaner.

A white long shirt and a black striped long shirt, in my opinion, are wardrobe essentials. Our mission is to encourage you to have fun with fashion. I hope you enjoy it. With a lot of summer collections in 2021 coming up with long shirts you can style them according to you.