Google Clock has a major bug but not for long

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Google much like Apple has an entire ecosystem of products. The tech giant has its search engine, smartphones, operating system, and various apps. The company aims to give its users the most ‘Google’ experience possible by limiting their reliance on third parties. While Google’s apps are quite innovative, it does not mean that they are completely flawless.

A major bug has been discovered in Google Clock that is preventing alarms to go off on time hence most Android users sleep through them.

Further Details

People have been oversleeping and risking being late for work since the app hasn’t been delivering its promised wake-up calls. The issue is so serious that it’s starting to affect the app’s reviews on Google Play, where a slew of one-star ratings has appeared. However, a solution is being developed.

There also doesn’t appear to be any logic or sense behind it. While the issue appears to be more prevalent among Pixel owners, it looks that other phone brands that rely on Google’s apps are also affected.

Some say it’s a problem when the phone is face down, but others claim it’s still a problem when the phone is face up. Many people appear to associate it with utilizing Spotify music as a wake-up call, although this isn’t true for everyone.  At least part of Google’s diagnosis appears to be the latter. Another Reddit post from an official Google account promises a quick fix. The account writes, “We’ve identified a remedy and will roll it out soon.” “You can alter the alarm sound setting to a selection inside Device sound in the meantime.” To put it another way, don’t utilize a Spotify song and instead use one of the app’s defaults.

A Quick Temporary Fix

It’s great that a remedy is on the way, it’s hardly much comfort for someone who has to wake up tomorrow morning on the verge of losing their job, so what should they do in the meanwhile besides avoid Spotify songs?

Downloading a third-party alarm clock is one option. This is a fault with the program, not with the system, and users have indicated that it works fine. There are a lot of them to pick from. You can even ask your Virtual Assistant to wake you up, just be sure to clearly distinguish between A.M and P.M.

Lastly, if you own a smartwatch you can find numerous apps that can wake you up with vibrations rather than sound. The choice is yours. Pick the best option according to your preference till Google figures out how to resolve the issue.

In Other News

Google has been punching out one smartphone after another. Its Google Pixel series is commendable. They are excellent mid-range devices for everyday use for carrying out tasks such as phone clone. The Google Pixel 6 is the latest venture that the company has taken on, we will have to wait and see if it lives up to its name or is a miss.