Top 5 File Manager Apps for Android in 2021

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File management apps are vital on your smartphone, especially if you have an Android tablet with a microSD card for more capacity. You may use them to go through your files, find downloaded files, manage your storage space, move objects around, and much more. Many Android device makers now provide a File Manager app with their smartphones. In comparison to third-party file managers available on the Play Store, these file managers lack functionalities. Some of these file managers have functions such as accessing different file types, organizing data, and deleting unnecessary files or programs to save up space on your smartphone. On the Play Store, you’ll find tons of third-party file managers. We’ve compiled a list of the top file manager applications available on the Play Store in this guide.

Cx File Explorer

Cx File Explorer is an excellent Android file manager with a simple and elegant UI. You may explore your files on your device as well as any cloud storage provider with this software. It also supports FTP, SFTP, WebDav, LAN, and other network sharing protocols. This app also allows you to manage apps on your Android device. It can also evaluate your storage to maintain it free of garbage files, as well as provide you a visual representation of all the storage available on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Furthermore, this file manager is inspired by the Material Design interface, which makes the app feel cleaner to you. It gets positive reviews on Google Play, so it’s worth a shot on your Android device.

Total commander

Total Commander is yet another excellent app that allows you to browse your device’s files and folders. Drag-and-drop, in-place renaming, directory creation, file deletion, file archiving, and a variety of other capabilities are available in the app. It also uses plugins to handle several file sharing protocols (FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, LAN, and OBEX) as well as cloud storage. Other notable features include a media player, directory history, the ability to change a file’s rights, and more.

Except for the ‘Add Plugins’ prompt, one of the best advantages of the app is that it is practically ad-free. It is a must-have Android file management app for power users, especially if you want robust capabilities without consuming a lot of resources.

 File Manager Solid Explorer

 The finest file manager app for Android is Solid Explorer File Manager. It’s fully free to use, however, there is a paid version that allows you to access cloud storage. This feature allows users to access cloud storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Mega, and many others. It organizes and categorizes your files according to their appropriate file types. In addition, it protects your files and folders with fingerprint and password protection. If you have root access, you can also access your Android Root folders. FTP, SFTP, WebDav, and other network sharing protocols are all supported.

Moreover, many adjustments are available with Solid Explorer File Manager. Custom themes, icon sets, and phone clone features are included in this app. it can also decompress and compress ZIP, 7ZIP, TAR, and RAR files.

Amaze file manager

Amaze File Manager is free and open-source software (FOSS) that is one of the best programs in the market. It is a relatively new app, but it’s a good one. It’s free and open-source, and it focuses on providing a lighter experience for individuals who only need to browse a few files. Material Design, SMB file sharing, a built-in app manager to remove apps, root explorer, and more features are included. It manages to fit the most relevant information in without feeling bloated, and it’s completely free to use with no in-app purchases or adverts. I’d recommend the app to anyone searching for a basic app with a clean UI and no advertisements. Furthermore, you can operate on many tabs simultaneously. The software also includes a navigation drawer and a variety of stylish icon themes.

Root Explorer

Root Explorer is a file manager created exclusively for root users. In return for a root-friendly, lightweight interface, it foregoes many of the usual file manager capabilities. It also includes root-specific capabilities including an SQLite database viewer, text editor (for the build. Prop files), tar support, permission altering, and an APK binary XML viewer. It’s also often updated, and it supports cloud storage as well as SMBs.

Meanwhile, there is a free version of the software called Explorer. It’s a standard file organizer with the same user interface as the premium version but no root access. It’ll be ideal for anyone who likes the look and feel of Root Explorer and wants something similar for their non-rooted device.

Wrapping up

All the file management apps on this list have nearly identical functions, so picking one of them won’t hurt. All these file managers are excellent, while some may have in-app purchases or advertisements to keep the software as free as possible. While the native file manager on Android may be adequate for most users, power users require advanced capabilities that can only be provided by third-party apps. So go ahead and test out the app on our list to find the best file manager for you. Find the Best Stock Market Apps  in 2021-22.