Which Website will be Beneficial to Buy from Flipkart and Amazon?

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Although both these online websites do business on the same basis but there is a very small but important difference between these two websites Flipkart and Amazon. I have been associated with both these websites for the last 7 years and am continuously purchasing goods based on my experience. But I can consider these two websites as different in the following ways.

Delivery Service

If you want to buy any item, then Flipkart delays a little in delivering that item, whereas Amazon delivers that item a little sooner. Amazon has its own delivery service, due to which it does not take much time to deliver the item. Amazon has a There is another option, if you want any item quickly then you can take the option of fast delivery. There is no such facility in Flipkart, so if you want any item immediately then you should order it from Amazon, although for this you will have to pay a little more. may fall

Additional Benefits

If you do shopping from Flipkart, then for every ₹ 200 spent, Flipkart gives you two coins which are worth ₹ 2. By collecting these coins, you can buy any item. You do not get any coins in Amazon, but you get them on recharge. Cashback is definitely available, that too is not available on every order, so if you have time and are not in a hurry to buy the goods, then you can order from Flipkart.

Security of order: Amazon is an international company, these people are very professional, your order is brought by them very safely whereas currently the delivery service of Flipkart does not look so professional. In the case of Amazon, I found 9 out of 10 orders scratch-free and in Flipkart, 6 out of 10. If the order is expensive and Amazon ships it to you with extra security

Returns-Refunds: Both companies provide refunds and returns very easily but Amazon refunds you when the order is returned back to the seller and Philvkart refunds you when the order is picked up by the delivery boy. Therefore, you get returns quickly from Filvkart. If your order is more than ₹ 1000, it takes 2-3 days. If you have ordered a mobile then it is easier to return it on Filvkart. On Amazon, you have to return it first. You have to talk to their technical team to satisfy that there is indeed a problem with your mobile.

Customer Care: On Flipkart, you can easily contact the customer care team and on Amazon first you have to deal with the robot and in most of cases it does not work.

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