6 Tips to Optimize Commercial Space for Rent in Calgary

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Commercial space is space that you rent out for business purposes. Renting the right commercial space is an important aspect of running a business. A good, well-designed building at the right location can be the key to success.

Untangle yourself as we discuss everything you need to know before leasing your next commercial property.

Do you remember the last time a commercial space was designed to impress? It was probably in the 1960s! Since then, people have been too busy trying to make a few bucks. But there’s an easy way to tell which buildings were built in that era: they look like boring boxes.

In this day and age, architecture matters. A building either makes a statement or it doesn’t. If it does, what sort of statement is it making? And if it doesn’t, does its interior match up with its exterior? If so, business owners will shun your property in favor of another property where their needs are better met.

Tips to upgrading your Commercial Space for Lease in Calgary

  1. Manage noise level in office space

The warning sign for noise-induced hearing loss is tinnitus, which may accompany other problems such as ringing, roaring, or hissing in the ears. The first signs of noise-induced hearing loss are often difficulty understanding speech, ringing in the ears, and fatigue after talking on the phone for ten minutes. Most people develop tinnitus after prolonged exposure to high levels of noise over time.

If you find you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then it is important that you take action now to protect your hearing before it gets worse.

If you are planning to open up your business to the public, it is important to take into consideration noise levels in your office space. This way, you can ensure that the commercial space for rent in Calgary has enough soundproofing for people who come by during the day. This post will give an overview of what is required in order for noise levels to be managed effectively. Additionally, this article will provide practical tips on how you can deal with noise created by kids and dogs in an office setting.

  1. Clean your workplace

Workspaces are where you do all of your best inspirations and create probably one of your most important tasks during the day, which is why keeping your workspace clean is so important. This not only helps to optimize the speed at which you create, but it also keeps you focused on what really matters. Not to mention that clutter can cause stress, being left out because other people are distracting themselves with things they don’t really need, and forgetting about tasks altogether.

  1. Inducements for office space

You’re an entrepreneur who has just found that perfect shared office for rent in Calgary to call your own. The layout is great, the amenities are what you need to get started, and it’s close to downtown. All in all, you think you’ve just hit the mother lode. But there’s one small problem – the rent!

While it may come as a surprise, collecting an inducement will not only show your sincerity to move into the space but allow for cheaper rent than if you were paying full price.

  1. Opt the sound financing 

 Getting the right level of financing with flexible options and discussing the needs exploring all the options plays an important role in renovations and eases the strain on your cash flow. 

Good financing makes up for some of the out-of-pocket costs associated with moving, reducing your overheads across the board. What about your business space? Do you have a plan in place to fund this?

The expenses incurred can range from just under $1,000 to over $30k depending on the level of technology you desire. The more complex or customized your setup is, the more expensive it will be.

  1. Property Protection 

Imagine how much money is lost each year as a result of criminal property damages. And this doesn’t even cover the true costs of such crimes, such as police and court services. There are many easy ways for anyone to protect their personal property from becoming a target for criminals and thieves, with some methods costing less than $20.

No matter how hard we try, we can’t completely stop property crimes from happening, but we can prevent the bad guys from getting what they want. 

For example, keep doors and windows locked – All the time! You should keep your doors and windows locked when you leave for the office. 

  1. The right ambiance for the workplace

Creating the right atmosphere or say a pleasant one which creates conducive surroundings for employees and for workers in your office. Such an environment is required and is responsible for the growth and prosperity of business directly or indirectly.