A new cloud storage tier has been added to Google One

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Google is the most popular search engine worldwide. The Silicon Valley-based tech behemoth has released a slew of new goods to retain customers within the “Google Ecosystem,” which is eerily similar to Apple’s. Recently, the company put a cap on its storage limit and introduced subscription plans.

The tech company has finally added the much-anticipated storage tier to Google One.

Further Details

We’ve been waiting patiently for a new Google One tier to arrive, which is apparently on the way but will only be available to T-Mobile subscribers for some reason. Surprisingly, the business has recently begun offering a new tier with ten times the storage. The new 5TB cloud storage plan is $25 per month, which falls in the middle of the 2TB and 10TB options.

The new 5TB package, like the lesser and more expensive options, works out to $5 per terabyte each month. If you pay for a year in advance at $250, you will receive a 17 percent discount. Google One members also get access to Google’s mobile VPN service, 10% back on Google Store sales, additional Play Store purchase points, “pro session” Google help, a few extra Google Photos editing capabilities, and the odd hotel discount.

In Other News

However, there has been a spike of apps that perform file switching and other utility activities on the Google PlayStore. At this stage, it’s impossible to say whether a new trend is forming or if it’s merely a passing fad. The rise of utility applications makes sense, as even the most routine chores have moved to the virtual sphere as a result of the pandemic, and people are looking to apps to address their concerns. Whatever the reason, we’ll keep a watch on it and let you know if anything significant changes.