How Celebrating Rakhi worldwide looks like!!!

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In India, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with great pomp and ceremony. It is celebrated across the country with remarkable fervor and excitement. This holiday is very important to the country because it marks the unique connection that brothers and sisters have with each other.

According to the Hindu calendar, which is identical to the Julian calendar, it is celebrated in the month of Shravan, which is about the July-August period of the Gregorian calendar. In addition to India, Hindus from all around the world also gather to celebrate the event.

Many non-Hindu families celebrate this event since it has, over time, come to symbolize the unbreakable bond of love shared by brothers and sisters around the world. Raksha Bandhan ceremonies all across the world can be explored in further detail using the topics listed below.


Celebrations worldwide for Rakhi

The Sindu twins in Europe

This day is also observed with enthusiasm in many European countries. It is celebrated by the Southeast Asian residents of the South East Asian continent. This annual event, which takes place in many different parts of the city, provides a festive touch for the celebration. Brotherhood has been created among the individuals who live in distant countries. To bind Rakhis, girls use clothespins on boys who are not their actual brothers, but who are only foster brothers.


Gifts to Rakhi In Nepal

In the world, Nepal is the only country with a majority Hindu population. Additionally, many Indian immigrants are living in the country. Also, when it comes to festivities in India, such as Rakhi, you will feel like you’re at home in Nepal. Also observed in Nepal, people hold ceremonies to remember their brother-sister relationships during this time of year. The celebration starts with a ceremony in which brothers attach Raksha Sutra on each other’s wrists, and comes to a finish with an event where everyone gathers for a party.


Australia, rakhi is popular

The community of Asian descent in Australia is also commendable. There are a majority of Indian students and professionals in this class. So, on the day of Rakhi, people celebrate it by going out in groups to do fun activities together. It is a bit difficult to find Raksha sutra in the Australian market, so people opt to wear bands or bracelets around band members’ wrists. Like European Asian communities, people here also have the concept of foster siblings.


Rakhi in the Middle East

In the Middle East, the concept of Rakhi is somewhat recent. The time when Indians started working in the oil and manufacturing industries in these nations has imported the concept of Indian holidays such as Rakhi, and other types of Indian celebrations, into the Gulf culture. Though the indigenous population does not participate in this holiday, it appears as though the Indians here are participating in a festival in their community. The event is eagerly participated in by communities of Indian heritage that do not have the Rakhi culture back home to create warmth and affection in their relationships with other Indians living abroad.


Party to celebrate Rakhi

There is just one place where an intense feeling of love between a brother and sister is respected, and that is India, where the festival Rakhi for Raksha Bandhan is dedicated to it. In India, send Rakhi online moreover, celebrated with much fun and frivolity. Aside from tying Rakhis on the brother’s hand, there are other aspects of the festivities such as gift exchange, enjoying tantalizing and mouth-watering sweets, and savoring the bliss of being together. The Rakhi festival is all the more exciting because of the amazing acts. We will tell you about the celebration of Rakhi in India.


In India, Rakhi festival celebrations



In India, women have enjoyed applying henna to their hands for centuries. The ritual has special meaning for the festival of Rakhi, though. On this day, women have varied designs on their hands, such as Marwadi, Shekhawati, or Mumbai-style henna patterns. During the period of application of mehndi, married women apply mehndi on the event of Karwa Chauth, while unmarried females apply mehndi on the occasion of Rakhi and Raksha Bandhan. Rakhi festivals now also incorporate Mehendi within their celebrations.



Usually, on the auspicious day of Rakhi, guys prefer to dress in traditional, South Asian-inspired clothing, such as Kurta Pajamas. Other times, they wear formal clothes such as a button-down shirt and slacks or a button-down shirt and jeans, according to their preferences. On the contrary, sisters, married women usually prefer to wear designer saris that are lightweight or heavyweight. The unmarried sisters like to dress in traditional Indian attire, such as salwar-kurta, churidar kurta, sarees, lehengas, and other clothing. Buy rakhi online along with amazi the dress for your siblings.



In modern times, when siblings who live far apart due to scholastic, career, or marital obligations, send Rakhi cards to each other, this phenomenon is commonly referred to as ‘chitti Julie They use these cards to share their thoughts and sentiments with one other, which are available for purchase at the market. On this auspicious day, the sisters deliver Rakhi to their brothers because they are unable to get to them.


The markets are elaborately decked for the auspicious occasion of Rakhi. There are many options when it comes to decorative and fashionable rakhis. The pieces featured here are all hand-spun from Gresham(very fine silk or velvet) or zari (also a very fine silk or velvet). Each one is adorned with an assortment of elements like beads, semi-precious stones, or imitation jewelry For some of these rakhis, silver, and gold are also added.

Rakhis cost different amounts depending on the materials used in their construction. However, regardless of whether or not the sister gives him a rakhi, one constant attribute of rakhi is the brother’s affection and blessing.


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