Need of Chatbots in Mobile Apps

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When we see AI words written somewhere, the first thoughts that come into our mind are robots, self-driving cars, face detection, and recognition, google maps, and there’s a lot to come in the future.

Alexa and Siri, Apple and Amazon’s digital voice assistants, are the most prominent inventions of AI, and these are playing an essential role in our life. Have you ever used Google Assistant that reminds you of your pending tasks? Yes, it’s another proof of how AI brought innovation to the world. You can talk to robots and assign them your tasks to completion.

There’s a fantastic world of AI striving to bring jaw-dropping innovation in front of our eyes. So, let’s get into the depth of what AI has in store for us…

What are Chatbots?

A chatbot (also called chatterbots) is Artificial intelligence (AI) software used by messaging apps. Chatbots can also be implemented on websites out there. They imitate a conversation with a user in natural language as if another person is talking to you and cost nothing. They can assist you in lead generation, product promotion, customer service, and more.

How Does Chatbot Work?

Artificial intelligence developed a program that can converse with a human in their language. For example, a chatbot is used for instant replies to a customer. Ever message on any website or an app and get instant responses like this:

“Thanks for reaching out! Please type your queries below, and we’ll be sure to connect you with a team member as soon as humanly possible.”

These instant replies are chatbot-generated.

You, perhaps, are asking how these chatbots generate messages themselves?

Thanks to Machine learning (ML) which permits computers to learn by themselves with the help of algorithms without programming natural language processing. Machine learning and deep learning algorithms help chatbots learn simply by recognizing repetitive patterns during a conversation with pre-determined answers for instant responses. A chatbot is designed to work independently without the need of human beings. It offers seamless communication between humans and machines via message or voice command.

On the other hand, if the chatbot fails to understand our query, it simply passes the question to a human operator.

Why Need Chatbots?

Today’s way of doing business has changed and is different from how the company was carried out. In the present era, every industry and enterprise has expanded its IT infrastructure. As a result, many organizations implemented chatbots to their apps and webs. According to Statista, around 77% of IT industries used chatbots for post-sales and customer service.

Chatbots help e-commerce businesses improve their sales and customer experience, including shopping, bookings, or customer care service.

Advantages of Chatbots 

Customer Never Feel Left Out

Chatbots help customers find their items quickly. Hard-to-navigate sites offer difficulty in navigating the area. Customers nowadays expect an intuitive yet straightforward user experience when they navigate through the site and quickly solve their issues. A business that fails to answer the customer’s query quickly loses its customers. However, now chatbots have got the company back to offer users real-time and exceptional customer support. 

So, whenever you think of a customer care service for your business, don’t forget your chatbot friend at all.

Collect User Data

Chatbots efficiently gather large amounts of data from users. That’s why they are also called conversation-catchers. Why?

  1. It addresses the user query or problem and transfers it to the human operator. 
  2. It records all the interactions of the user and saves all data into the database.

The actual data can be used to create a better version in this way. Did you find the chatbots amazing? Implement it today in your business app by handing this task to the leading best app development company in West Palm Beach because they can serve you better.

Instant Customer Service 

How would you find it if you ask someone an IMPORTANT QUESTION and they don’t reply to you instantly?

Inappropriate, right!

Thank chatbots for answering your questions right away. As discussed above, chatbots don’t let you feel left out. You can set up your chatbot with a list of queries and get your answers instantly. In this way, a business can take customer engagements to the next level. Chatbots offer personalization, real-time responses immediately.

Chatbots Fight Against Covid-19

It is observed that chatbots proved to be helpful in the healthcare sector. They are well suited for symptom screening in a pandemic outbreak because people are likely to disclose their stigmatized conditions and sensitive personal health information to a chatbot than humans. Therefore, healthcare (governmental and non-governmental like WHO) organizations are more forthcoming to launch COVID-19 focused chatbots in their variety of platforms. Together, healthcare workers, patients, NGOs, doctors, IT companies, government, and chatbots are striving to fight against covid-19 with the aim that when the Covid-19 vs. human war comes to an end, that day, the world will rejuvenate.

Chatbots in Education Sector

Chatbots possess the potential to change the way students learn in this era. In large-scale online learning scenarios that have increased after the Covid-19 outbreak, students worldwide need urgent answers to their queries to get a seamless educational experience. Therefore, chatbots have taken this responsibility to solve the problems of individual students efficiently.

Chatbots are in the very initial phase of entering the education sector. Studies showed the potential of chatbots for enhancing the learning process. Many international educational institutes are considering chatbots as their helpful agent. Because they know that this can enhance the experience for both parties, i.e., people working with the education sector and students are interacting with their portals.

Future of Chatbots 

Will chatbots dominate the future?

Around 47% of enterprises and organizations are expected to implement chatbots in their digital products for exceptional customer support. In addition, 40% are expected to adopt virtual assistants. Therefore, it is likely to observe that the chatbots will be programmed in a way that they could enhance the customer-business relation and help improve lead generation.

Mobile Application Development Companies in Dubai

It seems like AI is changing the world rapidly. Many mobile application development companies in Dubai are focusing on developing robust ML models to meet large-scale business requirements efficiently. For example, chatbots have met the popularity in the digital marketing world. Social media platforms, online stores, healthcare sectors, educational sectors, and more are implementing chatbots.

We have already discussed how chatbots are transforming the world. They boost the sales of businesses regardless of their size. So, when are you implementing Chabot’s in your mobile app?


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