Look Slim in Swimsuit with These Tricks

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If you are going to hit the beach soon and you haven’t achieved the perfect bikini body yet, don’t worry; it takes time. And till then, you can use a few tricks to look slim in beachwear. Some techniques will help you wear swimsuits of different kinds and look slim. With these techniques, you can enjoy the beaches in Sydney carefree and be less body-conscious.

The words Sydney and bikini go hand in hand. Some of the popular beaches in Sydney are Bondi Beach, Palm Beach, Bronte Beach, Nielsen beach, Shelly Beach, Manly Beach, and Bilgola Beach. There are many beaches that are best for surfers, and you can see the crowd in these places every day. Even though the city has over a hundred beaches, you can see people on each of these beaches every day. That’s how famous these beaches are.

If you are visiting the beach this weekend, this article will help you choose the swimsuit and use the two-piece or one-piece to flatter your figure.

A bikini is a right option if you have an hourglass figure

An hourglass figure means you have a defined waist and equal bust and hip measurement. Bring attention to your curves and emphasize your midsection. Buy a bottom with a higher cut or a Brazilian style bottom; it will further accentuate your figure, drawing attention to the curves and not the extra weight you gained.

Avoid mismatched bikini pairs; it will ruin the perfect curve look and throw off the body’s proportion. Wear the bottom and top of the same colour.

A bandeau for triangle body shape.

A triangle body shape has larger hips and thigh measurements with a smaller bust. If you have a triangle shape body, the bandeau is the right option for you. The bandeau will help you show off the toned upper body and give out an illusion of a proportional figure. If your lower body has more weight, wearing a dark pair of boy shorts can avert the attention from that area. 

You can wear a traditional bikini bottom or a pair of boy shorts. And if you are going to wear a one-piece, wear a strapless one that has tapers down to a bottom with more coverage.

A halter suit for the inverted triangle shape

An inverted triangle body shape refers to the body with broader shoulders, a larger bust and small hips. As you saw in the earlier points, you need to balance the figure. For that, you need to find a halter top that provides enough support to your upper part. Get a Brazilian cut bottom for the lower part, which will accentuate your toned lower part. You can use this technique for the two-piece and one-piece suits as well—the goal is to have proper coverage of the top and less for the bottom, and that’s how you balance the figure.

Halter suits can be seen on every beach as it is now getting popular. As said earlier, Sydney and bikini are like synonyms, and the data also proves the same. In March 2018 itself, 2.9 million people visited Bondi Beach. Out of which 1.8 million were foreign nationals while 1.1 million were locals.

A suit with an asymmetrical neckline for apple body shape

Women with apple shape figures have broad shoulders and thicker waists. Usually, the lower part stands out in this figure; hence, you need to draw attention to your upper body. Get the suit held up by a single, angling shoulder strap, which helps draw attention from your waist. You can also wear traditional boy shorts.

The techniques go well with the one-piece and two-piece as well.

This summer, use these tricks/techniques to look slimmer and shapely on the beach.