10+ Best Niche For Blogging In India (No SEO – No Content)

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In this post i’ll show you 10+ best niche for blogging in India.

Blogging and Digital Marketing are the best ways to make money online.

If you want to make money from blogging or affiliate marketing then you need to work hard to write great content and then to get traffic on your blog by promoting it through SEO social media or other methods.

But do you know there are thousand people in the world who are making lots of money from their website without writing any content and without doing any SEO or any promotion.

Because there are various niches in blogging and Affiliate Marketing where you don’t need to write any content or you don’t need to do any SEO and still you can get huge traffic on your blog.

Today I will show you 10+ Best Niche For Blogging In India where you don’t need to write any content where you don’t need to do any SEO. But still you can get huge traffic and make lots of money.

Most of these niches are global. Anyone from any part of the world can start working on these Best Niche For Blogging In India and make lots of money.

List of The Best Niche For Blogging In India

So if you want to create a website in these niches then you don’t need to write any content you just need to add different posts and pages for different banking codes and after doing research on this niche.

I can say you don’t need high-quality SEO to rank your website in Google you can rank your website with basic SEO or just on-page SEO.

Now the most important thing what are the things you need to create a website on this topic first thing you need is a website. I’ll suggest you get a WordPress hosting to build a blog on this topic.

You can buy WordPress hosting for unlimited websites so that you can build it dozens of blogs on different niches. I’m going to explain to you more lucrative niches in this post.

The second thing you need is a good keyword research tool when you create a website on this niche or any other nation you need to know the exact keywords that people search in Google.

So that you can focus more on pages with those keywords.

If you don’t have much idea about starting a blog then check this post you can create a blog in just six steps and you don’t need to have any technical knowledge for starting a blog.

So let’s just learn about Best Niche For Blogging In India.

1. Banking Codes – Best Niche For Blogging In India

Do you know millions of people around the world search for banking codes for online transactions in India and some other countries it’s known as IFSC Codes in US and Canada it’s known as routing number and in UK it’s known as throat codes.

If you want to target other countries you can find what are the terms used in those countries apart from these banking codes.

You can also provide details about shift codes, MICR bank addresses, their locations and other details of the banks.

You can provide everything on one website or you can create a separate website for different codes. There are hundreds of websites that I see huge traffic on these topics and make an excellent income from Google Adsense.

I will show you some of the websites and their states. I will use SimilarWeb and semrush to see the data.

This Indian website Bank IFSC Code receives around .2.06 millions visitors every month.


There are many other websites that receive huge traffic on this niche. There are thousands of banks and millions of bank branches around the world.

Each bank and each branch has a unique IFSC code or routing number every day millions of people search online for these banking codes in Google.

The search keywords like Bank name plus branch name plus name of the place plus IFSC routing number of Swift code sort codes whatever.

For example people search in Google like ICICI Bank Bandra IFSC Code like North California Bank of America routing number.

If I search for IFSC Codes then I’ll get the idea of which keyword has the high or low volume you can see the volume of this keyword, below in the image.


So you can see the potential of this niche.

The third thing you need is a complete list of banking codes. If you are from India you can download this from the RBI website.

If you are from the USA you can download this from the website of the Federal Reserve System or if you are from any other country you can find this from the website of your banking regulatory body.

2. Government Jobs – Best Niche For Blogging In India

Can you believe that millions of people daily search for different government jobs in India not only India people all over the world search for government jobs vacancies you need to create a website where you can provide information related to government jobs.

You can see there are hundreds of websites in India that receive traffic in millions if you don’t agree with me you can check these websites on the similar web.

Sarkari result .com traffic is more than 30 million you can see in the image below.

Best Blogging

Creating a website on government jobs is not illegal in India. You are just providing the information about these vacancies and nothing else. In fact you are helping people to find various jobs from government companies.

If you are from another country you can check whether you can create a government job website in your country or not.

I’m sure people are as crazy in other countries as in India to get a government job. Not only that you can create a website on Indian government jobs from any other country.

You can use Google Adsense on such websites and make money. Sometimes you can also make money with affiliate marketing by promoting Amazon books.

If you calculate monthly income of such websites that they must be making minimum $30,000 to $50,000 from their website.

So if you want to create a website on government jobs then you can get the details of government vacancies, either from the career pages on various government websites or you can directly get the details from the websites Similar to these websites.

3. Near Me Services – Best Niche For Blogging In India

In the past two to three years near me, searchers have witnessed exponential growth. Before I tell you more about this niche, I’ll show you Ahrefs data for the keywords and its volume for these types of searches.

You can see there are nearly 3.4 million near me keywords people search in Google.

Best Niche For Blogging In India

So you can see the potential of this niche. You will be surprised to know that there are very few websites that target this niche. Because people think that these searches are for local service providers only.

I have my experience. I can say it’s easy to make a thousand-dollar to $5,000 per month from this niche. You can make money with Google Adsense but there are various near-me services where you can use affiliate products.

The U.S. is the best country to target but people all over the world search for these keywords. You can easily find the best keywords through keyword research tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, and many more. You need to write content for this niche.

But as for my experience, you don’t need to work hard to create content, you can easily find information on the about page and FAQ page of the Website. You are going to include in your post, you can rank your website faster with SEO.

You can use WordPress plugins like rank math or Yoast SEO for better on-page SEO and create some basic backlinks for off-page SEO.

4. Lyrics – Best Niche For Blogging In India

It’s an excellent niche people are crazy to know the exact word in their favorite song, so that they can enjoy humming their favorite song. Making a website on lyrics can be an excellent idea.

You can add lyrics for old and new songs on your website when you create different pages for different lyrics, you just need to copy the lyrics from other websites and add to your website.

To make your website different from other websites, you can add more details like the name of the singer artist, music director and other important details.

You can provide lyrics in different languages, you can add images or a YouTube video or whatever. So that your Lyrics post looks more useful to the visitors you can check the traffic of this website.

Lyrics Translate, traffic is more than 13 millions.

5. Quotes – Best Niche For Blogging In India

People love to read quotes. Quotes help people to keep motivated during their difficult times or when they feel low or don’t know what to do. Not only do catch websites receive huge traffic.

But I have seen hundreds of social media pages and youtube channels that have millions of followers.

According to a similar web, lovesove receives 1.8 million monthly visitors.

You can add motivational and inspirational quotes, famous people quotes for special days and festivals. You can add quotes in the text, images, audio, and videos on your websites.

You can also start a youtube channel along with your website. It will help in growing your website traffic and you will also make money from your youtube channel.

6. Customer Care Numbers – Best Niche For Blogging In India

People use products and services of thousands of big brands like Samsung, Apple, BMW, Citibank insurance companies, Internet service providers, online businesses and various others.

Whenever people have issues related to their products or services, they want to contact the customer care through phone, email, or other ways.

You can create a website on this niche and provide the contact details of the companies in your country or all over the world.

There are dozens of websites including India customer care that received huge traffic in millions.

Best Niche For Blogging In India

7. Converter Tool – Best Niche For Blogging In India

If I just research in Ahrefs with this keyword “converter”. You can see search volume in millions of different keywords youtube converter, PDF converter, mp3 converter, PNG converter, and hundreds of other keywords.

There are hundreds of similar keywords you can research using Ahrefs or any other keyword research tool and you can find a goldmine of keywords that can make you rich.

So if you want to make money with this niche first you need to decide which type of file conversion tool do you want to use on your website.

8. Wish Messages – Best Niche For Blogging In India

If there is any good news or bad news, some events or festivals, or someone wants to say sorry or thank you to someone.

There are hundreds of other websites on different wish messages that receive millions of visitors. You can create a website similar to this and add different categories, wishes and messages for each category.

9. Product Price – Best Niche For Blogging In India

This is an excellent niche for affiliate marketing especially for Amazon affiliate programs.

You can target India, USA or any other country. In this niche people search for prices of different products before they buy anything either online or offline.

Sometimes they are looking for the websites that provide the best prices for the product.

You can check traffic of this website mysmartprice around 5.47 million.

Best Niche For Blogging In India

10. Free Downloads -Best Niche For Blogging In India

There is a great demand for digital products and services on the internet.

People work hard to create different training, courses, software, tools, themes, plugins and many other digital products or services.

It takes hard work investment and experience to create a great product and they charge a price for creating such products.

There is no doubt most of the people buy such products and use that in a legit way but most of the people want these products for free.

Because they can’t afford this or they don’t want to pay for this so they search in Google.

If you want to create this type of website, you don’t need to work hard for writing articles, you can find the best details from the author website of that product.

Now the most important thing you don’t need to provide this for free from your website, you can join the affiliate programs of these products and services and link from your posts.

Can you believe many people will buy this through your website even if they are looking for free because they really need this product and when they fail to get it free they just buy it.

If you want to increase your conversion rate you can write something convincing and provide a discounted price with a coupon if available.

For example you can check this website Download free themes dot space that work on a similar niche but only for a single software that is free WordPress themes.

11. Essays and Speeches -Best Niche For Blogging In India

Essay writing is an important part of cool education. Not only in school, essay writing is very important in many careers.

Many people search for essays and speeches on the internet like essays on Independence Day, teachers day, on saving water, trees or environment.

In the same way people search for speeches when they are elected to give a speech on some occasion.

There are many websites in this niche that receive huge traffic. There is not much competition in this niche and it’s easy to create content on this.

If you are an essay writer you can create a page where you can provide customized essay services and charge a good amount for writing an essay.

12. Train PNR Status & Flight Status – Best Niche For Blogging In India

Millions of people around the world travel by flights and trains. Most of these people check the status frequently before the actual traveling date.

For example in India people usually don’t get a confirmed train ticket and they can’t travel without a confirmed ticket, so they keep on checking the PNR status of their ticket.

You can see the volume of the PNR status keywords though actual status is available from the official Railway website.

You can also create a PNR status website and add the same tracking software on your website or you can hire a developer from Fiverr to develop a wordpress plug-in and use that plug-in on your home page.

Similarly if you check keywords on flight status in the USA or other countries you’ll find many keywords that people search in Google.

13. Biography – Best Niche For Blogging In India

People like to know the biographies of celebrities, politicians, sports persons, famous YouTubers, people with controversy, or any famous person.

For example, if I search for Carryminati through SEMRush you’ll find these results you can see how people search for a celebrity.

Best Niche For Blogging In India

There are thousands of people you can cover from your website even if you create a website for just a single celebrity that is Carryminati you can get good traffic.

You can create 3 to 4 websites on different famous people and make an excellent income you can create websites.


So, these are the best Blogging Niches in India. I hope you like this post, if you like this, tell me according to you which niche is the Best Niche For Blogging In India and which niche has the maximum potential.

If you find this post “Best Niche For Blogging In India” useful then share it with your friends who want to make money online. If you want to learn blogging in a better way then you can subscribe to my website’s advanced blogging tips and tricks.