4 Tips for Dressing Up for a Special Event

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With our lives returning back to normal and events starting to pack the calendar out again, you might be wondering if there are any top tips for dressing up for a special event now that it’s time to dust off the heels. Summer is very much here, which means light evening cookouts, summer weddings, and other special events that are made just that much better with a nice outfit.

This piece is going to take a look at some tips for dressing up for a special event, and what you need to know to make it your best outfit yet.

Is There a Theme?

First and foremost, it is important to find out whether there is a theme for your special event. This could be anything from smart casual to a full on fancy dress theme! You might find that you also have events that are based around specific ideas such as The Figawi – a Nantucket sailboat race that takes place on Memorial Day! In this instance, you might want to pick something nautical themed or incorporate memorial themed colors with some great pieces from ericawilson.com.

Get Some Inspiration 

Where you get your inspiration from will depend on what the event is. However, the internet is an excellent source of outfit ideas for all types of occasions. It is also worth taking a look around you whenever you go out to an event. This can give you outfit inspiration for future occasions, so make sure to note anything you loved the look of, or thought was a good idea!

Go for Overdressing Over Underdressing 

When you are overdressed for something, it is clear that you have made an effort, and if you find that you have too many layers on, you can always take something off. This is not the case for those who have underdressed, in both senses. If you show up to somewhere in a jeans and t-shirt combination when everyone else is in a suit, that is going to look much worse than if you are the only person wearing a suit in a place full of jeans and tees. It is also not a good look to be freezing, which brings another, just as important meaning to the term ‘underdressing’ that can be just as important.

Ask for Help from Trusted Friends 

If you really are not sure what to wear for an up and coming event, then checking in with some trusted friends and showing them the options you have lined up is a great starting point. Let them know the type of event you are going to, and show them the outfits you need to pick from, that way they can make an informed decision and vote on which outfit looks best on you and what fits the occasion well.

Despite all of these tips, the bottom line should be that you choose something that you are comfortable with. When you are comfortable in something then you are much more likely to feel good in yourself.