WhatsApp Users might be able to block their ‘last seen’ status contacts one by one

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WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging platforms. It has become a must-have application for people all over the world. Initially, it was just a platform for communication however it has also become a place for business owners to carry out their dealings.

The Facebook-owned messaging app has faced extreme backlash due to its revised privacy policies but the app seems to be giving users more control over their privacy as a result of its latest features.

‘Last Seen’ Status on Whatsapp

WhatsApp launched additional privacy settings a few years ago that allowed you to control who may see your Profile Picture, About, and Last Seen settings. Each of those might be set to be visible to Everyone, My Contacts, or Nobody, which isn’t a lot of control. However, in a recent preview, WhatsApp added a new feature for “Last Seen” called “My Contacts Except…”, which allows you to restrict select contacts from seeing your Last Seen status if you don’t want them to.

According to sources, the new capability will eventually be available on both iOS and Android. The parameters will also apply to the settings for the Profile Picture and About. If you block someone’s Last Seen option, you won’t be able to access their Last Seen setting in return, according to a screenshot on the internet.

Because the feature is still in development, it could surface in a future version or be shelved, assuming the information in the post is correct. However, it appears to be a logical setting that should have been included earlier.

It is worth mentioning that the slew of features been introduced on the Facebook-owned messaging app are after the privacy policy controversy. Users were appalled by the amount of content sharing the policies would entail. WhatsApp at first delayed the update due to the negative response but then eventually implemented it. It has however been able to retain its users due to its new features.