Why To Choose Opal For Your Engagement Ring?

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Loved for its kaleidoscopic colors, opal has a unique beauty. The birthstone of October has a delightful play of colors. The stone has aesthetic looks and also because it is reputed to carry good luck. For these reasons, the gemstone has been valued in the past and even now. A symbol of love and hope, it has been termed as ‘Opalus’ or precious stone by the Romans.

The beauty of opal has been compared to galaxies and volcanoes. Ancient people believed that it fell from heaven in flashes of lightning. According to ancient Greeks, opals could help foresee. Opal jewelry has become timeless for its magical aura. It is a marvelous addition to any look. If you are looking for customized opal accessories, you can check out with Rananjay Exports. 

The brilliance of Opals is best suitable for rings. The many-hued beauty has a mystical aura. Their irresistible charm make them perfect for rings that can be worn everyday. Opal rings are therefore quite in trend and almost always in demand. But when you wear jewelry everyday you should also know how to take care of it.

How To Take Care Of Opal Jewelry

  • Opals have 20 to 30 % water trapped in them. When exposed to too much of heat and light, it develops fracture lines on them called ‘crazing’. One must also be careful to not expose the stone to sudden change of temperature. The gemstone should be wrapped in a damp cloth or in cotton with few drops of water in it as the stone should be save from dehydration.
  • Opal earrings or rings can be worn daily. A bezel setting protects the gemstone in best way. 
  • The gem has a hardness of 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale. To maintain its beauty one should keep it away from harsh chemicals. It is also necessary to protect the gemstone from developing scratches. Putting jewelry in the right place and not place it here and there mindlessly is a must. Keep it in its pouch or a cloth-lined jewelry box. Also take off your opal bracelet or ring while exercising.
  • It is best if you wear opal jewels often. This way their moisture would be retained and its colors will stay good. When worn they take moisture from humidity in the environment. 
  • It is advised that you clean opal jewelry once in four to five months. Be careful not to use harsh cleaners or hydrofluoric acid. Ultrasonic cleaners are also not good for opal accessories. Mild soap, warm water and a soft brush is all you need to take the accumulated dirt out of the gemstone jewels. You can also take the accessories to nearby jewelry professionals.

Why Should You Choose Opal As Engagement Ring

Opal symbolizes lasting love and loyalty. Being a stone of abundance, it is best for having happiness, luck, and good health in life. It brings the positive traits of an individual to the surface and enhances them. They are rarer than diamonds. It helps one get rid of past traumas. A stone that represents hope, it inspires positive change in life. It is not only a good gift for Librans but for people who want to bring harmony in their life.

The gemstone helps us understand our behaviour in a better way so that we mend our ways. It also helps in healing relationships. It is also associated with passion and feelings of love. It is also a good stone to build trust. It helps one let go off fears and brings calm to the wearer. It helps one grow in all facets of life. It makes you fall in love with life and develop optimism. The wearer will also be able to control his or her feelings. People who love to accessorize on a daily basis love wearing opal ring because of their unique charm. 

The Gemstone Is Also Good For Your Health

The gemstone is known for treating viral and infections. It can also help with menstrual problems. Opals help you keep young. It takes care of the health of nails, skin and hair. It is a supporting stone and helps in emotional stabilization. 


Opal is an excellent gem for various jewelry designs. Opal necklaces are loved for their statement appeal. The iridescent gem is suitable for everyday jewelry as well as for special occasions. The fire or the play of colors in opal make it special for jewelry enthusiasts. Since it is such a precious beauty, it needs to be taken care off. You can gift it to a person born in October or to a loved one. Rananjay Exports has a wide range of gemstone accessories made in 925 sterling silver and rose gold vermeil. They deal in wholesale gemstone jewelry and believe in genuine quality.